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    Cycling the Moselradweg between Trier and Cochem

    The Moselradweg is a more than 300 kilometer long cycling route in Germany. It takes you along the twisting bends of the Mosel river between Metz in France and Koblenz in Germany, where the Mosel flows into the Rhine. Recently I cycled a part of this incredible cycling route, which is in the top 10 of most beautiful long distance cycling routes in Germany. I was promised a mix of historic buildings, steep vineyards, fine views and delicious wines. Curious if it lived up to its promise? Find the answer below!     Start of the trip in Nittel If you are not able to cycle the entire Moselradweg, then…

  • wandelen aan de moezel over de moselsteig

    Hiking in the Mosel valley in Germany

    Whoever believes that the Mosel valley in Germany is just for old people is totally wrong. In 2015 I already visited the Mosel valley and recently I visited again for enjoying some hiking trails. I hiked some nice circular trails as well as a part of the Moselsteig, a long distance trail in Germany. In this article I tell you everything about hiking in the Mosel valley in Germany, including tips for the most beautiful routes, where to stay and more. Enjoy reading!     About the Mosel and the Mosel Valleyl The Mosel (or Moselle) is a 544 kilometer long river in France, Luxembourg and Germany. It originates in…

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    Calmont Klettersteig: testing your alpine skills in Germany

    Doing a Klettersteig or Ferrata might not be something everyone enjoys. People with a fear of heights probably won’t have a lot of fun doing one, while they are pulling themselves up the face of a mountain while holding on to a cable. About 1.5 years ago I made my first Ferrata in the Italian Dolomites. Although it was quite a bit harder than I thought it would be, because of the snow still present on the biggest part of the track, I enjoyed it and knew I wanted to give it a second try. However this time, at my own pace. When we found out that there’s a Ferrata…

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    Visiting the Moselle in the fall – Germany at its best!

    Last weekend I spent in the Moselle area in Germany, a short three hour drive from Arnhem where I live. The Moselle is the area where they make the best Rieslings, where they have the steepest vineyard in Europe and where there are countless hiking opportunities. They have delicious food, challenging Klettersteigs and über friendly locals. But the most impressive was the coloring of the leaves. This is why you should be in the Moselle in the fall!   The Moselle in the fall Where it did not really want to get going in the Netherlands last weekend, it was already coloring well down in the Moselle region. When I…