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    Hiking in Slovenia: the best trails and tips

    Anyone who goes hiking in Slovenia will be pleasantly surprised! Not just because of the beautiful nature, but also because of the friendly and active people. Although you might not expect it, Slovenia has a huge outdoor culture. It’s said that every Slovenian should climb the highest mountain Triglav at least once in his/her life. Slovenians usually go outside in their spare time to be active in nature. In this article I will give you all my tips for hiking in Slovenia, including beautiful places, things that are useful to know and nice Slovenia hiking trails to check out. Enjoy reading!     Hiking in Slovenia: good to know before…

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    Bohinj in Slovenia: so more than just a lake

    Bohinj: so much more than just a lake In October 2018 I made a beautiful autumn trip through Slovenia, where I visited some of the most special places in the Julian Alps region. One of them was the area around Bohinj. You may have heard of Lake Bohinj, but there is much more to see and do than just the lake. I spent 24 hours hiking, being outside and discovering beautiful places. In this article I’ll tell you more about my visit to Bohinj: much more than just another lake.     Also read: walking near Radovljica – away from the crowds     Overnighting in silence at the Pokljuka…

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    Hiking Slovenia: away from the crowds near Radovljica

    Hiking Slovenia: away from the crowds near Radovljica Radovljica – just try pronouncing that in one go without problems! I did not succeed, unfortunately, but I believe it I have been forgiven. That you can make some incredible hikes in Slovenia should not be a surprise to most of you. It is a true paradise for hiking fans like me, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find a place that hardly anyone knows. In this blog I take you with me on my journey to Radovljica and surroundings, where I have not seen one single tourist. Although you are only a few kilometers away from the busy…

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    5 Reasons why a trip to Slovenia in the fall is a great idea

    5 Reasons why a trip to Slovenia in the fall is a great idea Since two years, Tina from Mijn Slovenië and I are trying to set a date for arranging a trip to Slovenia for me. For some reason it never really worked out and my agenda was always full way ahead. When I received an email from her at the beginning of 2018, I realized it was about time to block some space in my agenda right away for a trip to Slovenia. After scheduling some calls and Skype meetings, we agreed that October would be a great time for me to travel to Slovenia. By then I…