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    Maria Island in Tasmania: a guide to hiking and camping

    Hiking and camping on Maria Island in Tasmania It’s been a few years since I was on Maria Island in Tasmania. Time flies and I realize that I have not nearly written everything that’s to be seen there. It has been an amazing trip and while I rethink about the highlights, they definitely were hiking the Overland Track and hiking and camping on Maria Island in Tasmania. Between the fluffy and wild wombats, that is. If you’re a sucker for cute animals, you are going to love the pictures below!   Even though I didn’t travel to Tasmania to see wildlife in particular, I of course did want to see…

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    Snakes in Tasmania: how to avoid them when outdoors

    Our experience and tips on how to avoid snakes in Tasmania when in the outdoors When we were discussing an outdoor trip to Tasmania a couple of years ago, the one thing that made me doubt it as our next destination were the snakes. I knew that they have plenty of snakes in Tasmania and that our chance of running into one would be significant. Now there are a few things in life I’m afraid of but when a person asks me ‘is there anything you are afraid of’ my first answer is always snakes. Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a great fear for them.…

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    Things to do in Tasmania that aren’t outdoor adventures

    5 Things to do in Tasmania that are not outdoor adventure-things Although you may not believe it, the are are quite a few things to do in Tasmania that have nothing to do with outdoor adventure. After all, thousands of tourists come here each year and you can’t expect them all to be as active as we are, right? While in Tasmania, we mostly did pretty active things because, after all that’s what we enjoy doing most. However, every now and then, we also explored something that you would not imagine us to enjoy, something that doesn’t have a high adrenaline factor and/or that doesn’t make your heart beat faster…