• climbing mount rinjani

    Climbing Mount Rinjani: from hell to heaven and back again

    Climbing Mount Rinjani: it started with a dream Climbing Mount Rinjani in Indonesia had been a dream of mine for years. Back in 2011 during our six week hiking trip in New Zealand, my friend and I ran into another couple on the Tongariro Northern Circuit, who showed us pictures of their Rinjani trek. Until then I’d never heard of Mount Rinjani before, but the pictures they showed me looked awesome and immediately I knew that I was going to do that one day, too. They did however mention that it was by far the most difficult and challenging trek they had ever did, but I wanted to do it…

  • anto op gili air

    11 Things I learned about myself in Indonesia

    Last Tuesday I returned home from a trip to Indonesia and man, I enjoyed myself a lot while out there. Although I had some doubts about Indonesia as a travel destination for me before my departure, I have learned that it’s a great destination for travel and even some outdoor adventures. During this trip I was by myself quite some time which gave me the opportunity to overthink my life and myself as a human. Today I’m sharing 11 things that I learned about myself in Indonesia with you!   1. Sleeping on a plane: just leave that up to me! As long as I’m tired enough, sleeping on a…