• Way to Phakding
    The trail to Everest Base Camp

    The trail to Everest Base Camp – day 1

    So many trips, so many stories, so many photos. Many of them will never be told, never be shared. Which is a shame, because I’m a storyteller. I live to share my stories and to create enthusiasm for the beautiful places I am seeing each time while exploring the world. Although I’ve written numerous posts about Nepal already, I feel like there’s so many stories left to be told. What it was really like to hike up to 5.364 meters above sea level and what it was like to spend 15 days hiking through some of the most amazing landscapes you will ever encounter on this planet.   I’m going…

  • places to eat in kathmandu

    Our favorite places to eat in Kathmandu

    Ahhhh Kathmandu … I love you and I hate you at the same time. I love you because you are bustling with life and the friendliest people I’ve ever met. I hate you because you made me lose my breath because of the pollution and because the honking cars drove me nuts after being in the silence of nature for 15 days. We haven’t been to many other major Asian cities (in fact, just Bangkok and Pnom Penh) but Kathmandu is exactly how I image an Asian capital to be. Noisy, smoggy and crowded. Never sleeping and always something going on. As Martijn got sick while we were there and…

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    Nepal: a head filled with emotions

    Saturday evening 7.00 pm As the Airbus A330 lowers itself onto the runway of Istanbul Atatürk Airport, I stare out of the small window of the aircraft. Airport lights are flashing by and I realize that our Himalayan adventure has come to an end.   Monday evening 7.00 pm Only 48 hours later I find myself with my laptop on the couch. After an involuntary overnight in Istanbul, we finally made it home after a 36 hour journey. Involuntary because there is no fuel available in Nepal at the moment and there for, the airplane first had to fly to Delhi in India to refuel before being able to fly…