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    About the Magic ‘Supertramp’ Bus from Into the Wild

    Over the past months, I received quite a lot of questions about ‘the bus from Into the Wild’, also known as The Magic Bus. So in this blog, I will answer them for you, making the information available for everyone who wants to know more about it. Where to find it, where to find the replica, how the bus got there and why I choose not to go there (what??? yes, you read that right!…)   About the Magic Bus from Into the Wild My first time in Alaska was back in 2007. I was assistant guiding a camping tour and the lead guide thought it would be fun to…

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    “Happiness only real when shared?”

      “Happiness only real when shared” The famous words that Chris McCandles wrote down in his copy of Doctor Zhivago, next to a passage about unshared happiness. I doubt that many people had ever heard of Chris McCandles before the movie Into the Wild came out, or at least, where I’m from that is definitely the case. In all honesty, I had never heard of him until my first trip to Alaska, back in the early summer of 2007. I was assistant guiding an outdoor trip then and the tourguide thought it would be fun to drive our truck up on the Stampede Road, eventually becoming the trail. After getting stuck…

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    Movies that made us want to travel

    Quite often movies are not filmed anywhere close to where they are featuring. However, with all those great (Hollywood) techniques, they can make us believe anything nowadays, no? It doesn’t matter really; movies will always inspire people to travel more. At least it has inspired us and sometimes we still let ourselves be amazed of natural beauty that can be found in movies. As it’s Sunday that means social travel talk time … here are our 5 favorite movies that totally made us want to travel. 1. Into the Wild Who hasn’t seen this epic road trip movie by Sean Penn? Young Christopher McCandles (a brilliant role by Emile Hirsch)…