• best multi day hikes in the world

    The best multi day hikes in the world (2023 edition)

    The world’s best multi day hikes: an introduction A couple of years ago I wrote this article with the 10 best multi day hikes in the world. It has been online for almost six years now and up until now, it’s one of my most read articles. By now I have moved around the world quite a bit more and added a few more great hikes to the list.   So here is my top 24 of the best multi day treks in the world that everyone should make. All hiked and experienced, mostly in full and sometimes in parts only by yours truly. Some I hiked even more than…

  • Peru

    The Inca Trail: the road to Machu Picchu

    A couple of months ago we published a preparation guide for the famous Inca Trail. Now it’s time to tell you more about the actual walking experience. The fun, the glory but also the pain we were in. This world renowned track is until today still one of our most impressive trails we hiked. Just forget about the crowds (they are there but are not as bad as people want you to believe) and forget about “why you can’t do this”. Can’t does not exist. Just read on and hear our story! The night before our departure we have a meeting with someone from the local agency. About what kind…

  • Peru

    The Inca Trail – can you do it?

    I’m sure that, as a traveler, you want to go to Peru one day. It’s a place that everyone wants to go to! When planning our trip to Peru, we knew the Inca Trail would have to be a part of it. Actually, we planned on going to Peru as we wanted to do the Inca Trail. We read about this iconic trail many times and until today, it’s still one of the most memorable treks we’ve ever done. It’s already been 6 years since we did it and yet it will always stay in our memories. The Inca Trail is probably South America’s most famous multi day trek and…