• best places to stay in reykjavik

    The best places to stay in Reykjavík for any budget

    The best places to stay in Reykjavík – suggestion from a 10 times Iceland traveller! Having been to Iceland no less than ten times over the past thirteen years, I’ve been to Reykjavík many times. It’s a pleasant city that I always love returning to, whether it’s summer, winter or anywhere in between. I’ve written many posts on Iceland and figured that it would be a good idea to share my tips for places to stay in Reykjavík, on any budget. I’ve been staying at campsites, hostels, mid-range hotels and more luxury hotels. Here are my suggestions for accommodation in Reykjavík. If you are budget oriented, please also scroll down…

  • Icelandic South Coast

    Iceland – a post about fire and ice, hate and love

    Iceland – a story about fire and ice, hate and love As you may have seen on my social media channels, I recently visited my beloved Iceland for the tenth time. I was eager to introduce my boyfriend to this special destination for the first time and therefore decided to combine a vacation with a work trip. Because after all, if you work in the travel industry, it is rare that you really are completely on vacation as I always see a story or a picture moment in happenings. This may seem a bit strange, but I’ve been working in this sector since I was nineteen (which is nearly half…

  • alternatives for the blue lagoon reykjadalur

    Free alternatives to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

    Welcome to this article with the best free hot springs in Iceland! I’ve just returned from my 10th trip to Iceland and I was amazed by the increasing number of visitors. I have been coming to Iceland since 2007 on an (almost) yearly base and it’s gotten so much busier than before. However, I still love Iceland a lot and will always be back for a next time. Although nothing seems to be really ‘hidden’ on Iceland’s South Coast anymore, I thought to do a write-up of the best alternatives to the Blue Lagoon, many of them free. My post about why not to go there has become one of…

  • DC-3 Plane wreck Iceland South Coast

    About the DC-3 plane wreck in Iceland

    All you want to know about the famous DC-3 plane wreck in Iceland You may have seen it on pictures a lot, but up until a few years ago I didn’t even know there was a dc-3 plane wreckage to be found on Iceland’s South Coast. However, more recently it came on a Dutch tv show and all of a sudden there were pictures of this plane all over. Somehow I kept on forgetting to visit it on previous trips, so when we went back to Iceland for the seventh time this summer, we finally remembered to go and see the plane wreck.   [Note: this article was first published…