• Fjallsárlón or Jökulsárlón

    Fjallsárlón or Jökulsárlón: which glacier lagoon should you visit?

    Fjallsárlón or Jökulsárlón: which glacier lagoon should you visit? Have I ever mentioned before that I’m a true glacier addict? And that I can just sit and stare at a glacier forever? In case I haven’t mentioned it before, the word is out now. I’m probably one of the world’s biggest glacier geeks and I love it! Over the past decades I’ve seen a large amount of glaciers all over the world and found that Iceland has some easy accessible glaciers. Having been to Iceland no less than 10 times, I figured I’d seen it all, but during my most recent trip I finally went to see Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon,…

  • Lava Caves and Volcanoes tour

    Lava Caves & Volcanoes Tour with Basecamp Iceland

    Review: The Lava Caves & Volcanoes tour with Basecamp Iceland The Reykjanes Peninsula: everyone has been there but nobody really knows it well. Keflavík International Airport is located here and everyone who arrives in Iceland by plane will be introduced to the Reykjanes Peninsula upon arrival. Yet most tourists jump on board a bus as fast as they can to go to Reykjavík or the Blue Lagoon. Some rent a car and leave from here for their adventure.   I also used to be such a person, who has now been on the Reykjanes Peninsula more than 20 times, without really paying attention to it. When I was invited to…

  • Iceland

    A trip to Iceland in winter – know before you go!

    A trip to Iceland in winter – things you should know before you go! While in the past Iceland seemed to be some sort of mission impossible during the winter, it nowadays is quite common to travel to Iceland in winter time. In fact, it has become much easier. Hotels often open their rooms for tourists 365 days a year, tourist attractions are open and / or more accessible and the main road network is well maintained. The Icelanders already knew that tourism is a gold mine, but it seems that they have turned it into a sport to make Iceland attractive to tourists in the winter. Think of the…