• wandelingen in Landmannalaugar op IJsland

    Landmannalaugar in Iceland: all you want to know!

    Landmannalaugar is one of the most special places to visit in Iceland. The distinctive orange and brown colored rhyolite mountains in combination with lavafields and fast flowing rivers are a true paradise for hikers and photographers. In addition, Landmannalaugar is the starting point of the famous Laugavegur Trail. I visited this special area three times during my Iceland trips and in this article I will tell you everything you want (and need to) know about it before you travel there. Enjoy reading this blogpost about Landmannalaugar in Iceland.     About Landmannalaugar: location and accessibility Landmannalaugar is located in the south of Iceland, about 180 kilometers east of the capital…

  • hiking the laugavegur camping iceland

    Laugavegur trail: this is what you should know

    Did you know that the Laugavegur is the busiest street in Iceland? And that’s it’s right in the heart of Reykjavík? Do not worry, I’m not going to write about that particular Laugavegur today. I’ll be talking about the better Laugavegur, the the most amazing multi day hike in Iceland, as far as I’m concerned. You can do the Laugavegur trail in four days or you can do it in a couple of hours, if you participate in the annual Laugavegur ultra marathon. Today I’ll share my experience about hiking the Laugavegur trek with you. I’m sure that after finishing this read, you’ll want to go, too!   Please note…

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    The ultimate guide to the best hot springs in Iceland

    The ultimate guide to the best hot springs in Iceland Iceland is hot. Hot as a travel destination and hot in the ground. As it’s located right on the ridge of two tectonic plates there is a lot of movement and geothermal activity. When going to Iceland, you can’t miss a visit to a hot spring. Or a hot pool. Or a hotpot, as the Icelanders call it. I’ve written a couple of posts about the best hot springs in Iceland and they are among the most popular posts on my entire blog. So I figured I’d combine them into one post, making this ultimate guide to the best hot…

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    Confessions of a travel blogger,  Iceland

    Personal: never travel without saying goodbye to your loved ones

    This post was written last summer but I’ve only found the courage to publish it now… an update can be found at the bottom.   As I’m writing this, I’ve opened up my Macbook for the first time in over a week. It’s been eight months since I went without my computer for that long. I’m currently on the way home from Iceland, a bit earlier than planned. Today I’m going to talk about something that I have almost never read a blog about before. And trust me, I read a lot of blogs. Today’s blog is about family. And what it means to them when you travel.   For…