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    Things to do in Tasmania that aren’t outdoor adventures

    5 Things to do in Tasmania that are not outdoor adventure-things Although you may not believe it, the are are quite a few things to do in Tasmania that have nothing to do with outdoor adventure. After all, thousands of tourists come here each year and you can’t expect them all to be as active as we are, right? While in Tasmania, we mostly did pretty active things because, after all that’s what we enjoy doing most. However, every now and then, we also explored something that you would not imagine us to enjoy, something that doesn’t have a high adrenaline factor and/or that doesn’t make your heart beat faster…

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    Tasmania Roadtrip: ‘when the nav said no but the map said go!’

    We’ve been home for nearly a week now. The bags have been unpacked, the laundy has been done and the jetlag … well yes, that one is present, too. About the first two weeks of our trip in Tasmania I published blogs with pictures but while hiking and cycling, we found out that the best way to discover Tasmania is actually by car. By foot we hiked the famous Overland Track, by bike we cycled along the picturesque East Coast but both times we actually just saw a small bit of the island. While cycling we would sometimes cover a distance of 75 km a day without passing any significant…

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    Tasmania in pictures – week 1

    After more than a year of waiting, the moment finally arrived when we left for Tasmania. Ever since I first went to Australia for 5 months in 2002 (and Martijn joining me for 2 months) I knew that one day I’d be back to visit the small island all the way down south in Australia, the island named after Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. Here’s our first week in iPhone pictures!   Saturday/Sunday At 06.00 am Holland time, our 36 hour journey to Tasmania begins. We travel to the airport by taxi and fly to Hobart via Singapore and Melbourne. The flight is about 26 hours, the rest is spent waiting,…