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    The best multi day hikes in the world (2023 edition)

    The world’s best multi day hikes: an introduction A couple of years ago I wrote this article with the 10 best multi day hikes in the world. It has been online for almost six years now and up until now, it’s one of my most read articles. By now I have moved around the world quite a bit more and added a few more great hikes to the list.   So here is my top 24 of the best multi day treks in the world that everyone should make. All hiked and experienced, mostly in full and sometimes in parts only by yours truly. Some I hiked even more than…

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    The best day hikes in the world – an inspirational post!

    Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been deeply in love with the mountains. Every time I see them appear in front of me, whether it’s from a car or the plane, my heart is skipping a beat. I immediately want to put on my hiking boots, put my backpack on my back and get out and explore. This blog is about my favorite and best day hikes in the world in the mountains, in random order. Enjoy!   Note that this article was first published in January 2017 and has been fully updated in August 2021   Harding Icefield Trail, Alaska The trail to Harding Icefield is a…

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    Mountain hut do’s and don’ts

    In recent years I have slept in mountain huts all over the world many nights. From small, unmanned huts to mega huts that look like hotels, I’ve seen them all. The first time I spent a night in a mountain hut was on the W trek in Torres del Paine NP in Chilean Patagonia. I was amazed, everything was arranged in refugio Las Torres, there were showers and hot meals. It felt more like staying in a cozy youth hostel rather than in a mountain hut. A few years later I traveled to New Zealand where I hiked several multi-day treks. That was just a difference with Chile: I had…

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    Training for backpacking: how to get in shape for your first multi-day hike

    One of the questions I get the most from readers is how to get in shape for your first multi-day trek. Now I am not an official expert in the field of sport and exercise, but I can share my many years of experience with you. 14 Years of trekking that is, without being super fit and/or an athlete. With all my tips below, you can then learn what way suits you most. If you have any questions at the end of the article, feel free to contact them or contact me.   You don’t start to get in shape for backpacking just like that. How much you have to…