• Luznice Valley Hiking Trail
    Czech Republic

    Lužnice Valley Hiking Trail – the best hike in Czech Republic

    I already knew that you can make beautiful hikes in the Czech Republic. Two years ago I ended up in Bohemian Switzerland and WOW! They have some amazing trails there. When my hiking buddy Bregje asked if I wanted to join her to try out the Lužnice Valley Hiking Trail, I didn’t hesitate for a second. This trail was recently chosen as the most beautiful walk in the Czech Republic and I didn’t want to miss such an opportunity. At the beginning of October we packed our backpacks and went on an adventure. Here’s an extensive report including everything you need to know about the special Lužnice Valley Hiking Trail…

  • trainen voor meerdaagse trektochten

    Training for backpacking: how to get in shape for your first multi-day hike

    One of the questions I get the most from readers is how to get in shape for your first multi-day trek. Now I am not an official expert in the field of sport and exercise, but I can share my many years of experience with you. 14 Years of trekking that is, without being super fit and/or an athlete. With all my tips below, you can then learn what way suits you most. If you have any questions at the end of the article, feel free to contact them or contact me.   You don’t start to get in shape for backpacking just like that. How much you have to…

  • bergsportwoche wilder kaiser

    The best hiking destinations in Europe for experienced hikers

    Welcome to another list of best destinations for hiking. If you don’t mind letting your quads burn, work out until you can’t go much further and don’t let steep drop offs and steep ridges scare you, then continue reading because we’re giving your our best hiking destinations in Europe for experienced hikers. Please note that, as with our previous top destinations for hikers, this is a personal selection only and that it doesn’t mean there are no easy hiking trails in the mentioned destinations … and of course we haven’t been everywhere (but it’s on our list) so please feel free to leave a comment with your own suggestions how…

  • Wandelen op La Palma Pico de la Nieve
    Hiking Inspiration

    Hiking in Europe: 12 of the best hiking trails

    Hiking in Europe: 12 of the best hiking trails in Europe I regularly have discussions with friends about whether you have to travel far away (= outside of Europe for me) every year. Not only because of the flying embarrassment that seems to be on the rise, but also because there are plenty of nice walks in Europe. You don’t always have to go far to see beautiful landscapes. Need inspiration? Then read on in this article with the beste places to hike in Europe, from north to south. All trails have been made by myself so I only advise you from my own experience, as you are used to…