• North Face Ultra Fastpack II GTX hiking shoes
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    North Face Ultra Fastpack II GTX hiking shoes review

    Looking for a hiking shoe that doesn’t really look like one? Which has a decent price, are comfortable and will keep your feet dry at the same time? Then I found the perfect shoes for you! Continue reading as I introduce you to the North Face Ultra Fastpack II GTX hiking shoes.   A while ago I wrote that many hiking shoes look fairly lump. Usually brown, big and heavy. These are the most heard remarks about hiking shoes. Luckily, more and more brands are starting to realize that the hiker nowadays, at least the female hiker, does not always want to wear a lump, brown and heavy hiking boot.…

  • keen wanderer wp hiking shoes
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    Tested: the Keen Wanderer WP hiking shoes

    Testing hiking shoes: an introduction Spring is well on its way, the summer will follow shortly and lets just not think about the fact that fall will make its appearance within a couple of months already. For us, spring and fall are the times of the year we travel the most. It’s not too hot nor too cold, it’s generally cheap and less busy than in the middle of summer. Every season has its own hiking shoes and so I recently tested the Keen Wanderer WP hiking shoes, which are very suitable for hiking either in spring or fall.   Somehow, I had a very wrong view of Keen in…

  • lowa lady light gtx hiking shoes
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    Tested: Lowa Lady Light GTX hiking shoe

    As a true outdoor junkie I’ve by now found out that I can’t live with just one single pair of hiking shoes. Or two pairs. Even three pairs isn’t enough. Each activity needs its own hiking shoes so when Lowa asked me to test their new Lowa Lady Light GTX hiking shoes, I couldn’t resist the offer. This shoe is, as the name indicates, ultra light and very suitable for a trek to Everest Base Camp, which happened to be coming up…   The thing with hiking shoes is, that they are generally large and lump. And very heavy. As a result, I usually find myself wearing them on a…