• Uitzichten over Kobåset vanaf de Drottingleden
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    Drottningleden in Hemavan: an amazing day hike in Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve

    Are you looking for a nice day hike in the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve in Sweden? Then the Drottningleden is an excellent option. This 8 kilometer long walk between Hemavan and Laisaliden is also known as the little sister of the famous Kungsleden (King’s Trail) as “drottning” means queen in Swedish. Fun fact: the Drottningleden was opened in 2002 by Queen Silvia of Sweden. Because the section at Laisaliden is very steep, a series of stairs were constructed especially for her so that she did not have to climb. The Drottningleden is a relatively easy mountain hike between the village of Hemavan and the abandoned lodge at Laisaliden. You are walking…

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    A mini-trekking in Grövelsjön, Sweden

    A few weeks ago I told you about pretty Grövelsjön in Sweden and how we traveled there from the Netherlands. In this blog article I’ll tall you about a trekking we made here, through the mountains and in the midst of the reindeer. We crossed fjälls, crossed fast-flowing rivers and camped in the wild with a view of one of Sweden’s most inaccessible wilderness areas: the Töfsingdalen National Park. Here’s how we enjoyed our mini-trekking in Grövelsjön, Sweden. We’re planning a hike The great thing about Sweden is the Everyman’s Right: in other words, the freedom to roam where you like. During our hikes in Sweden we rarely make use…

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    Grövelsjön: a hikers paradise in Dalarna, Sweden

    About a year ago I went on a two week solo trip through Sweden. On this trip I went as far north as Sälen, Sweden’s southernmost fjäll. Here someone told me about Grövelsjön: a mountain area on the border with Norway, a little further north than Sälen. He also told me that he had made the most beautiful hike in Scandinavia here: the Sylen hike. With a boat you’ll sail across the lake from Sweden to Norway and you hike back through the mountains. We were curious about that and so we decided to visit Grövelsjön this year during our summer vacation. We spent a few days here in collaboration…

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    Kungsleden hike: from Kvikkjokk to Saltoluokta

    In the summer of 2018 we hiked two sections of the Kungsleden hike in Sweden: from Ammarnäs to Hemavan and from Kvikkjokk to Saltoluokta. The latter is one of the least walked sections, but certainly not one of the least beautiful. Because of the various lakes that you cross by boat, this particular section is a bit more complicated than the other sections. That’s why I’ll tell you all about it in this article so that you are well prepared for your journey. Enjoy reading!   About the Kungsleden hike in Sweden The Kungsleden Trail (the “King’s Trail”) is Sweden’s most popular multi-day hike. The more than 400 kilometer long…