• The best unknown hiking trails in Norway

    The best unknown Norway hiking trails

    Are you going hiking in Norway? Then forget the Preikestølen, Trolltunga and other famous hikes in Norway where you stumble all over the other tourists. There are really countless top hikes in Norway that are not so crowded and are just as worthwhile. In recent years I have visited Norway several times and although the weather was not always awesome, I was able to make some nice hikes. In this article I share a number of unknown Norway hiking trails with you. Enjoy reading!     Rimstigen During my very first trip to Norway ever (read: 2014) I stayed in a cottage in the narrow Nærøyfjord, which, together with the…

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    Aurlandsdalen hike: hiking in Norway’s Grand Canyon

    Described as one of Norway’s Classic Hikes, the Aurlandsdalen hike was high up on our list when booking a trip to Norway. We were here in the first week in June, pretty early in the trekking season, meaning quiet trails but lots of snow and mostly closed tracks. Luckily the lowest part of this 40 km hike was possible to do, and left us speechless from start to end. Enjoy this post about Aurlandsdalen, hiking in Norway’s Grand Canyon!   [Please note that this article was first published in 2014 and fully updated in June 2020]   About the Aurlandsdalen hike The best part of the hike (from hear say) is…

  • Rimstigen hike

    Rimstigen – the forgotten hike in Nærøyfjord

    Nærøyfjord is one of Norway’s smallest fjords and listed as one of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites. It receives many tourists each year that do the “Norway in a Nutshell trip” but not a lot of people get to stay there because there is almost nowhere to live. However, we were lucky and managed to stay at a prime spot next to the calm waters and steep walls of this outstanding piece created by Mother Nature.   [Note that I hiked this trail in 2014 and have updated this article in 2018]   Also read: the best unknown Norway hiking trails   Hiking Rimstigen – great views in Nærøyfjord While we were…