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    The best hikes in New Zealand

    Welcome to this post with the best hikes in New Zealand. New Zealand is a that holds a special place in my heart. You can do some amazing walks there, you never have to feel unsafe and it is relatively easy to travel around whether you are traveling together with a friend or solo. I have visited New Zealand no fewer than five times in recent years and discovered countless beautiful walks that I share with you in this article. Whether you are looking for a short trip of an hour or a longer hike, you will find what you are looking for in this blog. I have divided the…

  • the best whangarei walks bream head te whara track
    New Zealand

    The best Whangarei walks and how I got lost on Bream Head

    Are you looking for the best Whangarei walks? In this post I’ll tell you all about my visits to Whangarei and the best walks that I did in the region, including on how I got lost on the Bream Head Te Whara Track in Whangarei Heads. I first visited Whangarei in 2018 and returned in 2022 when I was hiking a part of Te Araroa. This post contains experiences from both of these trips. Please note this post was first published in 2018 and got updated in 2023   Arrival in Whangarei Upon arrival in Whangarei it is raining. It has been a week since my arrival in New Zealand and so…

  • saving for te araroa
    New Zealand

    Saving for Te Araroa – my saving plans and expected costs

    As promised, I’ll take on my journey filled with the preparations for my Te Araroa hike for the next year and a half. Although it is still unclear whether New Zealand will be open by that time (in October / November 2022), I do assume that travel will be possible again by then.   Besides the fact that New Zealand must be open to tourism by then, there are two things that are necessary to make this trip: time and money. Fortunately, time I have as an entrepreneur, but not yet enough money. That’s why I made a savings plan for this trip, which I will share with you in…

  • Bluff, Te Araroa
    New Zealand

    Te Araroa – the beginning of a new adventure!

    There are things you somehow hope to do one day, but keep putting off for whatever reason. Then on your deathbed, very cliché, to think “I wish I had”… That’s how I’ve dreamed of walking the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand for years. This more than 3.000 kilometer long trail crosses my favorite country in the world from north to south and is perhaps a bit like the famous Pacific Crest Trail, but then different.   A month or two ago I made the decision that it is now finally time to do this trail. I’ll be leaving in October 2022 and in this blog series I’ll take you…