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    New Zealand

    All you want to know about travel in New Zealand

    Kia Ora! Welcome to my ultimate guide to travel in New Zealand Kia Ora! Welcome to my ultimate guide to travel in New Zealand. In this article you will find all the information you need to know about your trip to New Zealand. Before you go and while you are there. I’m a three time New Zealand traveler and heading back in fall 2019 for my fourth journey there. Over the past couple of years I gathered a ton of information about travel in New Zealand and I figured it was about time to made on big travel guide for New Zealand. It will be continuously updated and receive add-ons…

  • angelus hut hike
    New Zealand

    Angelus Hut track: New Zealand’s most spectacular mountain hut

    Angelus Hut Track: New Zealand’s most spectacular mountain hut hike While preparing for my third trip to New Zealand I made a list of hikes I most definitely wanted to do when back there. On top of that list is the Angelus Hut hike in Nelson Lakes National Park. This hike first came onto my radar back in 2011 during my previous New Zealand trip. After hiking to Bushline Hut in Nelson Lakes National Park, I talked to some fellow hikers who advised me to hike onwards to Angelus Hut, which is supposed to be one of the most spectacular located mountain huts in New Zealand. Unfortunately, back then I…

  • arthur's pass national park
    New Zealand

    New Zealand week 8: cyclone Gita alert and when the legs don’t want to go anymore

    Week eight in New Zealand was all about cyclone Gita. After I finished hiking the Greenstone & Caples Track, it was about time to slowly start making my way back up north. My first planned stop was Arthurs Pass National Park, half way up the South Island and one of the things on my ‘must-do-in-new-zealand’ list. The drive from the Greenstone Car Park up to Arthurs Pass was quite long however, so I decided to break up my drive into two parts. I booked a hotelroom in Methven, two hours driving from Arthurs Pass. In the village itself there wasn’t a whole lot to do, but I really enjoyed a…

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    New Zealand

    New Zealand week 7: it’s raining sunbeams

    As I’m writing this, I’m in my car. I’ve slept in Red today as there was yet another severe weather warning. For the fourth time during my (so far) two month trip so mother nature is sending a lot of bad energy around here at the moment. Week seven in New Zealand has passed since long but I wasn’t online much over the past couple of days after I hiked around for a while, spending most of my time offline. In fact I’m opening up my laptop for the first time in a week…   Even though a period of three months for New Zealand sounds like forever, I’ve concluded…