• Reykjadalur Hot Springs
    Iceland,  We12hike

    Hiking to Reykjadalur Hot Springs in Iceland

    Hiking to Reykjadalur Hot Springs in Iceland – a great day out! Quite a lot of people who go to Iceland, immediately rush over to the Golden Circle and its sights. Which is perfectly understandable because those natural wonders you will get to see there are not something you can see in just any country. The geysers and waterfalls are just stunning and deserve all the attention they get. However if you go just a little bit further than the Golden Circle, you will find a little valley called Reykjadalur (meaning Smokey Valley) that will surprise you with its outstanding beauty. It’s truly one of Iceland’s scenic gems if you…

  • hiking in landmannalaugar
    Iceland,  We12hike

    Adventures and solo hiking in Landmannalaugar

    ‘Well eh, I’ll see you in two and a half weeks!’ Those were my last words to Martijn as I was boarding the bus to Landmannalaugar, Iceland. He is moving on to Alaska today for guiding and I’m heading into the Icelandic highlands by myself for a couple of days. It’s only for some 48 hours yet I’m still somewhat excited. Landmannalaugar is not just a place. It’s windy, it’s cold and it’s isolated. You can only get there with a 4WD or in my case, with a bus that is able to cross some large rivers. I’ve been hiking in Landmannalaugar twice before, both times together with Martijn. The…

  • hiking the laugavegur camping iceland
    Iceland,  We12hike

    Laugavegur trail: this is what you should know

    Did you know that the Laugavegur is the busiest street in Iceland? And that’s it’s right in the heart of Reykjavík? Do not worry, I’m not going to write about that particular Laugavegur today. I’ll be talking about the better Laugavegur, the the most amazing multi day hike in Iceland, as far as I’m concerned. You can do the Laugavegur trail in four days or you can do it in a couple of hours, if you participate in the annual Laugavegur ultra marathon. Today I’ll share my experience about hiking the Laugavegur trek with you. I’m sure that after finishing this read, you’ll want to go, too!   Please note…

  • Iceland,  We12inspire

    Glacier hike on Sólheimajökull – a must do in Iceland!

    Just 24 hours ago I was on a plane flying home from Iceland. Right now I’m sitting behind my laptop, writing a new blog, one of the few I wrote over the past months. 24 Hours ago I was staring out of the window of Icelandair’s Grimsvötn Boeing 757 and looking back down on the mighty Mýrdalsjökull where I had been glacier hiking earlier that weekend. You can only really understand the massiveness of Iceland’s glaciers when flying over them, or when stepping on them. My glacier hike on Sólheimajökull (one of the glaciers coming down from Mýrdalsjökull) proved to be a good choice for my daytrip along the Icelandic South Coast.  …