• climbing langenberg hoogste berg in sauerland
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    Climbing the Langenberg in Sauerland

    Micro adventure in Germany: climbing the Langenberg in Sauerland Looking for an original micro adventure in Germany? Then climb the Langenberg, the highest mountain in Sauerland and also the state of North Rhine Westphalia, the state that borders the central and southern Netherlands. It’s an original idea for a short weekend trip and something different than the well known hikes in Sauerland.   Also read: climbing Hohe Acht, the highest peak in the Eifel     Hiking trip to Sauerland in Germany For me, Sauerland is one of the nicest places for hiking in Germany. But to be honest, tourist places like Willingen and Winterberg can sometimes be incredibly busy…

  • hiking the Goldsteig in Germany

    Hiking the Goldsteig: 5 highlights

    Hiking the Goldsteig in Germany: 5 hightlights Last October David and I were invited by Top Trails of Germany to hike a small section of the Goldsteig on the border of Germany and the Czech Republic. We knew there’d be a chance it would be tricky weather wise as we traveled in late October and rain was forecasted all week long. We still decided to go for it because in general, there’s no such thing as poor weather, just poor clothing. And … sometimes forecasts just aren’t right. Unfortunately, the forecasts were spot on this time and we had plenty of rain and mist along the way. So below you…

  • hiking on the rheinsteig

    Hiking on the Rheinsteig Trail in Germany

    A few weeks ago I made my first trip of the year to Germany. I’m in fact a big fan of Germany because there are numerous great hiking trails and you barely ever run into people when hiking them. A few months ago I hiked a part of the Saar-Hunsrück Steig and this time I headed out on the Rheinsteig Trail. This 320 kilometer lang walk is one of the Top Trails of Germany and is known for its large gain in elevation, which makes it a perfect training for my hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. My hiking buddy for this weekend was Rianne, whom I know through a…

  • Naturpark Moor Veenland
    Germany,  We12bike

    Hiking and biking in Naturpark Moor Veenland

    Are there any undiscovered places left in this world? Absolutely! Somewhere in busy Europe? Yes! Earlier this year I travelled to the Dutch-German Naturpark Moor Veenland, a stunning nature park on the border of Drenthe in the Netherlands and Emsland in Germany. The landscape is formed mostly by various moorlands, connected to each other with roads and a small village every now and then.   Peace and quiet rules in this area. I cycled here on a Saturday and hiked on a Sunday and barely met anyone else. There’s no need to queue for a parking spot as you sometimes need to do in very popular nature parks. Once you…