• Wandelen op Mallorca tips
    Spain,  We12hike

    Walking in Mallorca: four easy coastal hikes anyone can do

    You might not expect it at first, but you can do some beautiful walking in Mallorca. A few weeks ago I did a road trip in Mallorca with the aim of making beautiful and not too difficult walks. From my apartment in Porto Colom I made several trips on the island and in this article I share the four most beautiful coastal routes on Mallorca with you. Enjoy reading!   Walking in Mallorca: know before you go! First of all it is useful to know that it is better not to go on the hikes listed below in the middle of summer when it is very hot. There is hardly…

  • Sunday social travel talk,  We12hike

    What I talk about when I talk about hiking

      “What I talk about when I talk about hiking” Click here to read this post in Dutch. I borrowed the above sentence from one of my favorite authors: Haruki Murakami. He once wrote a memoir about his passion for running, called “What I talk about when I talk about running.” Great book, really. It even got me motivated to go running again, but since my running cycles are always relatively short (I always seem to get injured one way or another so I have to take it easy again…) I decided running is just not for me. When writing this, I somehow have to think about Tom Hanks running through the US…

  • We12hike

    Welcome to the we12travel hiking month!

    Click here to read this post in Dutch. Welcome to the we12travel hiking month! In May all entries on our blog will solely be dedicated to the one thing we love most: hiking. The idea arised last weekend when I was working on a post that will go live on Sunday, called “What I talk about when I talk about hiking”. I realized that when I blog, some posts are easier than others and some I enjoy writing more than others. Although blogging is a lot of fun and I still do it without really earning any money from it, I sometimes struggle to get certain stories out on paper.…

  • Chile,  Patagonia Roadtrip

    What do to on a morning in Puyehue National Park

    After returning to our car soaking wet from Cochamó, we’d pretty much had enough of the rain. More than enough. But as the weather is not something you can change, we just had to deal with it and make the best of it. After a couple of short stops at the bottom of Osorno volcano for some short walks and getting an empanada for lunch in Ensanada (I never had so much emapanadas in my life before as during this trip) it was time to continue our journey up north and hopefully leave the rain behind. We drove along the shores of Lago Llanquihue (which I can only remember as Yankee-Way,…

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