• Harz Mountains

    The prettiest places to visit in the Harz Mountains

    It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I’m a big fan of Germany. I travel there quite often and figured it was about time for a new blog on one of my favorite regions: the Harz Mountains. In the fall of 2018 I was invited by the Dutch branch of the German tourism board to visit this region. I didn’t just do quite some spectacular things but also visited the best historical places, hiked through nature, enjoyed some of the best Kaffee mit Kuchen ever and more. You will read all my tips for the Harz Mountains in this blog.   This article was first written in February 2019…

  • Climbing Brocken
    Germany,  Walking Wednesday

    Hiking in the Harz: climbing Brocken

    Climbing Brocken – the highest peak in the Harz Mountains Brocken measures 1.141 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in the Harz region as well as the highest mountain in northern Germany. During your trip to the Harz Mountains you can visit this special place, you certainly shouldn’t not miss it. You can climb Brocken on foot (my favorite!), with the famous Brockenbahn steamtrain or by bike.   Since the 17th century, the Harz was seen as the place in Germany where the witches gathered. In Goethe’s “Faust” he brings the witches together at Brocken. The fact that Goethe once visited this place has also contributed to…

  • Titan RT the longest swingbridge in Germany

    Titan RT – the longest swingbridge in Germany

    Must-do in the German Harz mountains: Titan RT – the longest swingbridge in Germany Looking for something really cool to do in a relatively undiscovered part of Germany? Then I’ve got just what you might be looking for. It is a visit to Titan RT, the longest swingbridge in Germany. A few weeks ago the German Tourism Board hosted me on a trip in the Harz Mountains, a relatively unknown area in the middle of Germany. The Harz Mountains are the highest mountains in Northern Germany and located withing a 4 hour drive of the Dutch-German border. A few years ago I already visited the former longest swingbridge in Germany…

  • Germany

    Losing your heart to the Harz – a movie

    It already seems ages ago … and yet it was just a couple of weeks. When describing our trip to Germany’s Harz region to a fellow travel blogger shortly after, the first thing I mentioned is “you know what, our car broke down”. By now, we already forgot the car broke down and we had to stay longer than planned (not one minute too long though!). When posting my first picture on Facebook, my boss left a comment: “lose your Herz (heart) to the Harz” … which is exactly what we did. How come? Here’s why:   – The silence … On the trails that we hiked, there were almost no other people. Only when…