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    Our favorite hikes of 2015

    It’s nearly the end of December so about time to start with our year lists. As I didn’t just want to make a list of all the trips we did like many other bloggers do, I thought of a number of subjects to remember 2015 and relive all the highlights. Today we’re sharing our favorite hikes of 2015 with you!   The N70, The Netherlands In all honesty, when my physiotherapist told me that N70 would be an amazing hike to get in shape for Nepal, the name didn’t really sound appealing. After the summer I needed to recover from a bruised ankle and basically had to learn to walk…

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    Solo-hiking in bear country Alaska

    During my past Alaska trip I traveled by myself most of the time. Since I’m an avid hiker, not hiking wasn’t really an option, even though that meant facing a potential encounter with a bear while I’d be all by myself. So when I seriously injured my ankle only four days before my departure in a cycling accident, I thought that someone up there was trying to tell me something… When doctors at the hospital told me hiking would be a definite “no” for the upcoming weeks, I was incredibly sad. However, I generally don’t take no for an answer and by the time I was about to go hiking, my ankle…

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    Alaska week 2 in pictures

    [EN] It’s been almost two weeks since we came home from Alaska and I still haven’t unpacked everything. That’s bad, isn’t it? I know – but I’m just so behind on everything that unpacking can always be done later. But … you will be proud of me … I also spent a lot of time relaxing. Just doing nothing, or sleeping, or napping on the couch. My jetlag was a biggie this time so it bothered me for at least a week and I decided I needed to give my body and mind some time to recover from this trip. However – I still owe you my second week in…

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    Hiking wish: Harding Icefield Trail in Alaska

    Carefully I place my right foot in front of the left and plant my hiking pole into the snow. It sinks in deeper and deeper with every step I’m taking. Even though it’s not exactly warm, I’m sweating like crazy. I’ve taken off every layer until I reach my tanktop, this one will have to stay on in the cold Alaska air. My breath is completely out of control and I keep on wondering why the hell I ever agreed to come along on this tour. While everyone is steadily plowing forward through the snow, I feel totally hopeless as an inexperienced hiker. I mean, sure, I had done some…

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