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    The best hikes in Colorado

    The best hikes in Colorado – the we12travel edition Welcome to another ‘the best hikes in …’ post where we tell you about our favorite hikes in a certain place on this globe. I always have a some problems with writing ‘the best hikes in’ because even though this may be our opinion, it’s not always necessarily the best hikes, as we haven’t done all hikes possible, so how can we say it’s the best hikes, right?   So anyway, as I was updating one of the most-read posts ever, called 5 cool things to do in Colorado for outdoor fans I realized this one needed an update too. I…

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    Hiking to Hanging Lake in Colorado

    This blog was previously called ‘Colorado’s Hidden Gem’ but then I realized that nobody really Googles for that. So I updated this post, renamed it to Hiking to Hanging Lake in Colorado and added some pictures. The story remains the same however.   Hiking to Hanging Lake, Colorado’s Hidden Gem Oh my god… I just did it! I broke a promise to myself by using the phrase “hidden gem” as a title for a blog. In my opinion, the word ‘hidden gem’ is used way too often, same as the word “parel” (pearl) in Dutch. Many writers use this to name a special place and it gives me the creeps…

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    The best hikes in the United States & Canada

    Click here for the Dutch version of this post.   Love hiking but don’t fancy carrying your tent and other overnight stuff up that mountain? Then you’ll love our upcoming posts about the best (half) day hikes in various countries all over the world. Most of them can be done by anyone who has a bit of stamina and a passion for the great outdoors! Today we’re starting with the best hikes in the United States and Canada.   Please note that we have not been everywhere and the trails we selected just represent those places we have been to… Oh and the hikes are in total random order. I…

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    5 must-do’s in Colorado for outdoor lovers

    When planning our first real US roadtrip a couple of years ago, many people told us to go to the West Coast, like any other tourist does. However we decided that instead of following the crowds, we’d head out to Colorado. Even though we only spent about a week there before moving on to Utah and Wyoming, we discovered it’s a true paradise for the adventure minded. Today we’ll share our favorite must-do’s in Colorado for outdoor lovers.   1. Shop at REI in Denver If you are flying to Colorado, you will most likely arrive in Denver. And basically, you just can’t leave Denver without visiting the REI Flagstore.…