• Fjällräven Abisko Trail tights

    The Fjällräven Abisko Trail Tights review

    Review of the Fjällraven Abisko Trail Tights hiking leggings for women As you may already know, I have become a fan of hiking leggings in recent years. Where I used to go on an adventure with (often) shapeless zip-off outdoor trousers, I now wear leggings nine out of ten during my hiking trips. My favorite leggings so far are the Fjällräven Abisko Trekking Tights and I was happy to hear that there is also a summer version for these tights for warmer days, the Fjällräven Abisko Trail Tights for women. I was asked to test it by Fjällräven and below you’ll find my review.     Tested in Norway: the…

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    The best daypacks for women – an extensive list

    The best daypacks for women – all options in one blog! When hiking you simply cannot hit the trail without a good backpack for women. Together with a reliable outdoor jacket and comfortable hiking shoes, these three items are well worth investing in when hiking. For those of you who have no idea which backpack for hiking to buy, I have gathered all the backpacks for women I have used over the past couple if years in this blog. It’ll hopefully make your choice for which pack to buy a little easier.   But first: what are you looking for in a daypack for women? Before you continue reading, the…

  • Fjällraven Abisko Trekking tights review

    Fjällräven Abisko Trekking tights review

    Product review: the Fjällräven Abisko trekking tights – a durable trekking pants The new year has started and one of the focus points on We12travel for 2019 will be more product reviews. I literally receive a ton of questions from readers about the best outdoor gear available and so I see it as my task to inspire you about some of the best gear available. Over the past couple of years I gathered a lot of outdoor gear, from backpacks to outdoor pants to jackets and more. Sometimes I bought the items myself, sometimes I received it from a brand in exchange for a review. During last summer I spent…

  • Fjällräven Abisko Eco Shell

    The Fjällräven Abisko Eco Shell jacket review

    It has been two years since my first product review for We12travel. Back then I tested the Fjällräven Eco Trail jacket. I took it with me to Patagonia and wrote this review. I was truly happy with this jacket because after Patagonia, it traveled all across the world with me. From Alaska to Tasmania to Canada and to Nepal, just to name a few places. Just open my Instagram feed and you will always see pictures of me in the bright pink jacket.   So it was about time to test the newest jacket in the eco family, the Fjällräven Abisko Eco Shell. Eco Shell is by Fjällräven itself developed…