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    Hiking the Routeburn Track in New Zealand

    Hiking the Routeburn Track – a must for New Zealand travelers The Routeburn Track is being called one of and possibly the most stunning multi day hike in New Zealand. Even though I don’t fully agree on the latter, I do think that the Routeburn Track hike is one of the best that tramping in New Zealand has to offer and a must for every New Zealand traveler who’s into hiking.   I’ve hiked the Routeburn Track twice in my life, once in 2011 with good weather and once in 2018 with poor weather. Very poor weather in fact. I combined both experiences in this ultimate guide to hiking the…

  • Fiordland National park hiking trails
    New Zealand

    The best Fiordland National Park hiking trails

    The best Fiordland National Park hiking trails Fiordland National Park may be one of the wettest places in New Zealand, yet it’s one of the most stunning as well. The massive fjords are the major tourist attraction down here, however it also has a large variety of amazing hikes. As a matter of fact, some of the most amazing hikes that I’ve done in New Zealand, were in fact in Fiordland National Park. And I must say that overall, I’ve been quite lucky with the weather. I’ve had my fair share of rain but then again when the sun shines, the true beauty of Fiordland appears and you will most…

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    New Zealand week 5: auch my toe and magical Milford

    Five down, eight to go. My first full month in New Zealand is a wrap. I’m opening up my laptop for the first time in a week, my mailbox is exploding and I haven’t written a blog in more than a week. And you know what? That’s fine for now. The upcoming days will not be very good weather-wise and will enable me to catch up on things. However, for now I’ll do another weekly update. From Te Anau this time, gateway to the magical Fiordland National Park.   I started my fifth week in New Zealand in Wanaka. I actually planned on going to Queenstown, however I couldn’t find…

  • hiking the kepler track
    New Zealand

    Hiking the Kepler Track in New Zealand

    Hiking the Kepler Track – better than The Routeburn? Lesser known than the epic Routeburn Track but perhaps not less impressive is New Zealand’s Kepler Track. Located in Fiordland National Park, this trail has in the past proven to be a good alternative for trampers who were unable to get spaced on the huts for the Routeburn Track. However if you ask us, it may even be the better one. In this blog, we’ll tell you all about experience and why hiking The Kepler Track is perhaps even better than hiking the Routeburn…   The Kepler Track, which is also famous for the Kepler Marathon, is a four day tramp…