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    Confessions: Cities I wouldn’t mind living

    Those of you who know me, know I’m not a city girl, or better said, not al all. “So why do you live in a city then?” I can hear you wonder … well basically because I love the conveniences that living in a (small) city brings me, such as cycling to work and the gym (or basically cycle everywhere), having a grocery store within a 3 minute walk and being able to go to shops/bars/restaurants without having to grab the car.   Arnhem, the city where we live, is among the greenest cities in The Netherlands. There are parks everywhere and the city is surrounded by nature. In the…

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    5 must-do’s in Colorado for outdoor lovers

    When planning our first real US roadtrip a couple of years ago, many people told us to go to the West Coast, like any other tourist does. However we decided that instead of following the crowds, we’d head out to Colorado. Even though we only spent about a week there before moving on to Utah and Wyoming, we discovered it’s a true paradise for the adventure minded. Today we’ll share our favorite must-do’s in Colorado for outdoor lovers.   1. Shop at REI in Denver If you are flying to Colorado, you will most likely arrive in Denver. And basically, you just can’t leave Denver without visiting the REI Flagstore.…

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    Things to do in Denver

    Welcome to Colorado’s Mile High City – our favorite things to do in Denver Imagine being on a plane and seeing nothing but farmlands down below. You know the mountains have to be somewhere but yet they are nowhere in sight. The plane eventually lands and before you know it you’ve passed through security and are picking up your luggage. While signing the contract for the rental car (and making sure you DON’T sign for anything unwanted) you still wonder where those mountains are. By the time you are finally on the highway and sun is setting you see the skyscrapers of Denver appear. And in the back, the mountains…