• Hiking the Overland Track Tasmania
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    Hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania

    The Overland Track Tasmania – all you need to know before you go! Where many people these days have a bucket list for their travel wishes, I have one for my multi-day hikes I still want to do one day. Hiking the Overland Track was on my wishlist for many years and having heard many good stories about it, I decided to start planning way ahead as a journey to Tasmania is quite a trip from Europe. After I received an agreement to take four weeks off my back-then office job, I booked a plane ticket and started my preparations for the Overland Track. It turned out to become one…

  • Australia

    Tasmania in pictures – week 1

    After more than a year of waiting, the moment finally arrived when we left for Tasmania. Ever since I first went to Australia for 5 months in 2002 (and Martijn joining me for 2 months) I knew that one day I’d be back to visit the small island all the way down south in Australia, the island named after Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. Here’s our first week in iPhone pictures!   Saturday/Sunday At 06.00 am Holland time, our 36 hour journey to Tasmania begins. We travel to the airport by taxi and fly to Hobart via Singapore and Melbourne. The flight is about 26 hours, the rest is spent waiting,…

  • freycinet national park
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    Tasmania – the plan #we12tassie

    Only a couple more nights and we’re in Tasmania, Australia! Also known to us as ‘the other end of the world’. Until recently I was telling people ‘we’re going to Tasmania’ but at some point, somebody asked me ‘isn’t that near Africa somewhere?’ and I realized that what had become no more than logic for us, it was not for others. Tasmania had found its way into our daily lives, yet little people know about it. So here’s a some information about Tasmania, how we got the idea to go here and what the hell we are going to do there.   Where is Tasmania? Being total travelbrats who have…