• Austria,  Wyoming

    Travel Tag: our 5 favorite accommodations

    While I was in Alaska, I received a nomination from Ivonne at聽My Footprints for the travel tag “your 5 favorite accommodations” and up to now, I was unable to fill it out … too busy, sorry Ivonne! I kind of forgot about it, despite some kind reminders, but it was just something I kept on thinking “will do that later!” However, we received a second nomination from Chris at Christravelblog聽last week and so I decided that it was about time to finally sit down and remember our聽5 favorite accommodations we stayed at.   Note: The tag was started by Daphne from Food & Flip Flops. Although I’ve stayed in the…

  • Chile,  Patagonia Roadtrip,  We12hike

    Hiking to Cocham贸, aka Chile’s Yosemite

    There are places you exactly remember how you got around to going there. Cocham贸 in Chile is one of those places. Martijn showed me something he had found on the American Alpine Club鈥檚 website. We stayed at one of their ranches earlier that summer (Grand Teton Climber鈥檚 Ranch) and we were looking for ideas for our next trip. So he came up with Cocham贸. It’s also described as the Yosemite of Chile聽and a hiker鈥檚 and climber鈥檚 paradise.聽Since we already had planetickets to South America, it was an easy decision to head out over there. After staying in Petrohue for the night, it was time to gather our stuff for a…

  • Argentina,  Arizona,  Chile,  plog

    we12plog week 11- first week in Patagonia!

    While typing this I’ve been frustrated for at least one hour. Tonight would be the night I was going to upload pictures and make a story with it. It’s the first night in 10 days I’m not knocked out by wine, exhausted from all the traveling or being outdoors. And then the internet decides not to work and only allow you on certain sites. So with all my best will, here’s a plog of the past week, with poor quality pics because the interweb doesn’t allow me to do much else… however it’s brought to you with love from Argentina! Terwijl ik dit zit te schrijven ben ik al een…

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