• Lake Rotoroa New Zealand
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    The most beautiful unknown places in New Zealand

    The most beautiful unknown places in New Zealand Let’s be honest here, only few other places in the world can beat New Zealand for its natural beauty. Without having to drive for days, you will find yourself surrounded by glaciers one day, in the middle of Fiordland the next and on white sandy beaches the day after. Ever since my first visit to New Zealand in 2002 I have been deeply in love with the country. Most people think they ‘can do New Zealand’ in a couple of weeks. Which is of course possible but it’s not ideal, especially if you want to get off the beaten path and see…

  • New Zealand,  We12inspire

    Surprising NZ: Clay Cliffs near Omarama

    Although we carefully planned our New Zealand trip (we had to book all our multi-day treks in advance because the huts sell out in high season), we always leave some space for unexpected adventures. With a Lonely Planet right beside us when driving, we came across a small section, telling us to check out the Clay Cliffs near Omarama. We totally missed them during our previous visit 9 years earlier so we figured we might as well check them out while we were in the area. We were already pleasantly surprised when driving Lindis Pass earlier that day, coming from the south on our way to Mount Cook / Aoraki…