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    5 Reasons why I’m in love with Whistler!

    One year ago I returned from Canada and one of the places that made the biggest impression on me was Whistler. Again. Whistler and me – we just click. Here’s why:   1. The mountains When you say Canada, you say mountains. When you say mountains, you say Whistler. Easy as that. You cannot visit British Columbia without going to Whistler, it would be the same as going to New York without going to the Statue of Liberty. Whistler is located in the middle of the Coast Mountains. Rising up above town, are the two famous mountains: Whistler Mountain (2.181m) and Blackcomb Mountain (2.436m) and they offer a shitload on ourdoor activities.…

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    Canada travel tip: Peak 2 Peak or Sea to Sky?

    Klik hier om dit artikel in het Nederlands te lezen. Within Canada, British Columbia is a popular place to go for a vacation. This province is famous for its mountains and a trip to this part of the world is not complete without a ride into the mountains. During my latest journey through Canada, I tried two of the most famous gondolas in British Columbia: the Peak 2 Peak in Whistler and the brand new Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. Both are super cool but not very cheap. If you have trouble picking one, just continue reading as I will tell you about my experiences and reasons why to…

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    Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island

    Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island Imagine you have just a couple of hours to spend at the coastline of western Vancouver Island, before you have to head back to the mainland of British Columbia, where new adventures are waiting for you. What would you do? So much to see, so much to do! Having been exposed to this dilemma earlier this year, I can tell you those few hours are best spent on hiking Ucluelet’s Wild Pacific Trail.   The day before my hike I arrived on Vancouver Island and guess what … it is sunny: not your typical Vancouver Island weather! Upon arrival on the…