• Austria,  Wyoming

    Travel Tag: our 5 favorite accommodations

    While I was in Alaska, I received a nomination from Ivonne at My Footprints for the travel tag “your 5 favorite accommodations” and up to now, I was unable to fill it out … too busy, sorry Ivonne! I kind of forgot about it, despite some kind reminders, but it was just something I kept on thinking “will do that later!” However, we received a second nomination from Chris at Christravelblog last week and so I decided that it was about time to finally sit down and remember our 5 favorite accommodations we stayed at.   Note: The tag was started by Daphne from Food & Flip Flops. Although I’ve stayed in the…

  • Austria,  We12hike

    The one time I said “no” to hiking

    Click here to read this story in Dutch. The story I am going to write right now isn’t very easy for me. I always like to pretend that I can do anything and like things as adventurous as possible. But deep inside my heart, I’m sometimes just as scared about hiking as non-experienced hikers are when they are going into the mountains for the very first time. Today I’ll share my personal story about the one time I said no to hiking… A couple of years ago we hiked the Berliner Höhenweg in Austria. From a former colleague of mine we heard this was one of the easier multi-day hiking…

  • Austria,  We12hike

    De keer dat ik “nee” zei tegen de bergen

    Click here to read this post in English. De blog die ik nu ga schrijven is niet de meest makkelijke. Alhoewel ik aan de buitenkant misschien stoer en avontuurlijk lijk, ben ik van binnen soms echt een angsthaas. Lopen over smalle richeltjes in de bergen en langs diepe afgronden is laat maar zeggen echt niet mijn ding. Vandaag daarom een persoonlijk verhaal over de keer dat ik “nee” zei … Een aantal jaar geleden liepen we een deel van de Berliner Höhenweg in Oostenrijk. Van een oud-collega had ik gehoord dat dit één van de makkelijkste meerdaagse trektochten door alpien terrein was. Volgens hem zaten er wat lastige passages met…

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