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    Photo habit: sitting-on-the-road

    There are pictures you always take. Such as the boring normal pose, the pose where you stare into the distance, the jumping picture or the selfie. Over the past couple of years, Anto has become a master in sitting on roads. Sometimes not very smart but still a fun thing to do. So after Martijn’s “Iceland in Selfies” movie, I’m proudly presenting my best (and only) sitting-on-the-road pictures! 1. Denali Highway, Alaska (2009) I think this was my first sitting-on-the-road picture, my colleague Karin took it when we drove a part of the Denali Highway in Alaska. It has been published in the brochure and website of the company we work for…

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    How about an abandoned airport for a change?

    It’s already 3 weeks ago since we were in Berlin. Berlin has always been a favorite city of mine and one of the few I don’t mind returning to. On the day of our arrival it had been exactly 7 years since my first visit to Berlin. Coincidence? Ever since my first trip there, the city stayed in my mind and always left me wanting more. So… time to return! We spent most of our time walking because that’s what we enjoy doing most. The perfect place for some walking seemed Tempelhof Airport, once the most important airport in Berlin and one of the three iconic pre-WWII airports in Europe.…

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    Riders on the Storm

    I’m truly amazed how people do it. People as in other travel bloggers. Those who find the time to post two or three times a week. Or even daily. Don’t they have a job? Or social lives? Or studies? Or other hobbies? Or journeys to go on? OK, I will admit it, I am frustrated! I got back from Berlin late last night, got my agenda pretty much fully booked for this week, I’ve got a sore throat and a major headache. I still gotta do my Spanish homework (can someone suggest me a cool Spanish song to take with me to Wednesday’s class? Please no Shakira… or Julio Iglesias!) and…

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