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    Confessions of a hiking travel blogger

    Soooo … since May is hiking month I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a “Confessions of a Hiking Travelblogger”. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about those. A lot. When cycling to work, while driving to Germany, while weightlifting at the gym and even while brushing my teeth in the shower (yes, I’m one of those persons who brushes her teeth in the shower… you would actually be amazed how many great ideas I have when I’m in the shower … shame you can’t take a pen and paper with you). Before you continue reading I’d like to warn you. If you are easily grossed out…

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    5 Really cool (and cold) things to do in Alaska

    5 Really cool things to do in Alaska! Alaska = love! In case you didn’t know yet, I can’t stop talking about it. Not when giving a presentation about it for work, not when talking about travel with random people and not even when I see it on one of the many shows at Discovery Channel  or National Geographic.  Just imagine us sitting on the couch watching “Alaska’s Ultimate Survival”, or something like that, me poking Martijn, while calling out “oohhh I’ve been there too” …. followed by my endless blahhhh about that particular experience…   Ovevr the past years, I’ve written quite a lot of posts about my favorite…