• Salewa Alp Trainer 25l review

    Tested in the Alps: the Salewa 25L Alp Trainer backpack

    Product review: the Salewa Alp Trainer 25L backpack It’s time for another product review, this time for the ladies! Recently I already published a blog written by my partner David who tested the Osprey Atmos AG trekking backpack for men. This time I’m reviewing the Salewa Alp Trainer rugzak, a 25 liter backpack that I tried on various trails in the Alps over the past summer and fall.   About the Salewa Alp Trainer backpack The Salewa Alp Trainer 25L is a backpack made for shorter alpine hikes. Think about day hikes or short multi day hikes, no more than 2/3 days. The Airfit 2.0 carrying system makes sure your…