• Chile,  We12inspire

    Cape Horn: the end of the world

    There are some places in the world that you think you will never go to. Although “never say never” is our motto, we should probably say “some places we most likely will never go to”. Cape Horn, also known as the last piece of land on earth before Antarctica, is such a place. And yet we managed to go there, to this tiny piece of land far away from the rest of the world … Cape Horn was discovered quite late in history. After various attempts in the 16th century, it was eventually the Dutch to reach Cape Horn first in the 17th century. Explorers Willem Corneliszoon Schouten and Jacob…

  • Argentina,  We12inspire

    The We12travel Patagonia alphabet!

    Our trip to Patagonia is over. After a 13 hour bumpy flight we arrived home yesterday from Buenos Aires. It’s been one hell of an incredible adventure and we’ve gained lots of inspiration for future travel blogs. For now we’ll do a quick WE12TRAVEL Patagonia alphabet about some first impressions: W = for WALKING We did quite a bit of walking (we prefer to call it hiking though) over the past three weeks. Some of the best trails were the one leading up to refugio Otto Meiling and in Huerquehue National Park. Those were the prime Patagonia hikes we’d say. The most dissapointing one was led us to Cochamó. Not because…

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