• best hikes in colorado
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    The best hikes in Colorado

    The best hikes in Colorado – the we12travel edition Welcome to another ‘the best hikes in …’ post where we tell you about our favorite hikes in a certain place on this globe. I always have a some problems with writing ‘the best hikes in’ because even though this may be our opinion, it’s not always necessarily the best hikes, as we haven’t done all hikes possible, so how can we say it’s the best hikes, right?   So anyway, as I was updating one of the most-read posts ever, called 5 cool things to do in Colorado for outdoor fans I realized this one needed an update too. I…

  • biking to maroon bells
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    Biking and hiking to Maroon Bells

    Our trip to Aspen, Colorado And then there’s Aspen, Colorado … A place we were warned not to go to by Americans. And by many fellow travelers. ‘Because it’s expensive, overrated and busy. Overrun with rich people and their massive houses and without space for the budget traveler.’ That’s what we were told by various people. And yet we still wanted to go. Why? It was just a gut feeling. By now, after almost 14 years of traveling together, we’ve learned that those gut feelings sometimes do have a meaning. In this case, listening was the right decision. So off we went. We’d heard great stories about seeing and hiking to…