• Mt Cook hikes
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    Hiking in New Zealand: the best Mt Cook hikes

    Hiking in New Zealand – an overview of the best Mt Cook hikes Welcome to my atricle about one of my favorite places in New Zealand: Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park. As an avid hiker I went to Mt Cook National Park no less than three times over the past couple of years and despite the number of tourists increasing and the glaciers receding, to me this will always be a magical place. In this article I’ll first share the best Mt Cook hikes with you, followed by my favorite Mt Cook camping sites, other places to stay in Mount Cook Village and basically anything else you need to…

  • Hooker Lake Aoraki
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    Hiking the Hooker Valley Track in Aoraki / Mount Cook

    Hiking the Hooker Valley Track – New Zealand’s most scenic half day hike The Hooker Valley Track in Mount Cook / Aoraki National Park is by far one of the best half day hikes you can do on New Zealand’s South Island. It’s a relatively easy hike so anyone who is in basic shape and doesn’t mind walking for three hours, should be able to complete this hike without too much trouble. I have hiked nearly every track in Mount Cook National Park and this is by far the most scenic. Over the past years I hiked the Hooker Valley Trail no less than three times and would gladly do…

  • Mountainous Monday,  New Zealand

    Mountainous Monday: Mount Cook / Aoraki

    Welcome to what is already the 4th Mountainous Monday. Today we’re sharing the New Zealand’s highest mountain with you. We didn’t plan to as we featured a New Zealand mountain before, but that’s sometimes just the way things go… Mount Cook /Aoraki is located in the Southern Alps on New Zealand’s Southern Island. The English name was given to the mountain by Captain John Lort Stokes to honor Captain James Cook who first surveyed and circumnavigated New Zealand back in the 18th century. Aoraki is the Maori name and there are various stories about the meaning. The one we were told is that the name means “cloud piercer”, which we think…