• is bali safe

    Is Bali safe? A traveler’s view of the current situation!

    Is Bali Safe? A good question I was asked a lot over the past few weeks, is ‘Is Bali safe?’ My answer to that question is always the same. ‘Yes of course is Bali safe. Why would Bali not be safe?’ And then people stare at you, feeling uncomfortable and hesitating to say something about that volcano that, according to the media, is about to blow. I’ve arrived in Bali a little over four weeks ago and I can tell you one thing, which is that I barely noticed anything about a volcano that is about to erupt. The only thing I did notice were some small tremors when I…

  • sidemen on bali

    Why NOW is the right time to travel to Sidemen on Bali

    Why NOW is the right time to travel to Sidemen on Bali My second week in Indonesia is a wrap. This week I won’t publish a weekly report like I did last time, but I’ll tell you a story from the heart about my stay in Sidemen on Bali. Sidemen that’s located nearby the Agung volcano and which is the place I discovered the real Bali. Where I spent hours overlooking the rice fields and where I experienced my first earthquake ever. Now is the right time to visit, not next year, or the year after.   Despite the fact I enjoyed Ubud, it was mostly too busy for my…