Sunday social travel talk

Sunday social travel talk – the why & how!

Every now and then it’s time for a more personal post, as I promised a couple of weeks ago. People often ask me “how come you travel so much???”…

Well my dear friends, this question can’t be answered in a few minutes. If you know Dutch, you may go and read our “Bestemming Bereikbaar” series where we explain about how we travel more by making time and scheduling smart. If you’re not Dutch, then just continue reading. If you are Dutch, you are more than welcome to continue reading too, by the way!

People, even those close to me, are sometimes biased in their opinions. They think I have
a. no social life
b. no hobbies
c. a lot of money
d. a lot of free time

None of these are true! Because:

A. I happen to have quite a busy social life and some of my friends have been around for many, many years. So they don’t mind when they don’t see me every week. Or every month. It’s not necessary to see each other every week to have great friendships. (While you are reading this, I’m at Oostvaardersplassen with some girlfriends I’ve known for 16 years, hiking and having a picknick!)

B. Every week I take one evening entirely to myself. I have a hot bath and read a book, I go to bed early and sleep long. On average I read about 50 books a year. (If you don’t believe me, feel free to visit my Goodreads profile). In addition, I go to the gym twice a week and go running once a week. And I do watch tv, just not 7 nights a week. We’re currently about to finish The Walking Dead, season 2 and after this we’re probably going to switch to Forbrydelsen (The Killing) season 3.

C. As I have an office job in tourism but not a tree growing banknotes, I don’t have a lot of money. However I’ve set up a plan this year to spend less and save more. If it’s worked, I will let you know by the end of the year, when I reveal how one year of saving more has helped me travel more. To be continued…

D. Uhm, not really! I work 36/hrs a week and in addition, as I said before, I have a busy social life and plenty of other hobbies. I just use my time wise. I wake up at 06.15 in the morning and spend about one hour behind my laptop to catch up on social media, content writing and networking, before I go to work. Quite some nights, the laptop isn’t even switched on…


Having said that, it’s about dedication really. And about smart planning. I’ve not been home for a full weekend since the end of February. In March we were either traveling to/from/in Patagonia. After coming home we spent the weekend in Rotterdam, the weekend after we went to Germany for climbing and last weekend we went hiking in Zeeland. This weekend I’ll be visiting Oostvaardersplassen with my girlfriends and next weekend we’re going to continue my 20 Parks Challenge in Zuid-Kennemerland.


To make it even better (or worse?) I’m off to Canada in May (for work,  my job in tourism does have its perks, I’ll admit that), then I’m home for one week before going on a vacation to Norway. The day after I come home from Norway I’m flying to Curaçao with the press trip that I won and the day after coming back home I’m going to visit my fellow blogging friend Serena in Italy.

That’s four different trips, two across the Big Pond, in one month. One side of my brain does go crazy when realizing this. But on the other side of my mind, a little voice is whispering “hey, this is what you’ve always wanted, right? Well, then go for it!”… So that’s what I’m doing.

I live a life full of travel yet I have an office job, I own a house and I do have family and friends that I care for and meet on a regular base.

Conclusion: it can be done without going crazy! If you just have the dedication and willpower – you can!

We12travel has been nominated for the Liebster Award! Next weekend we will write more about that. Until then, happy traveling, reading, sleeping, happy whatever you are doing!

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