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In the summer time … we like to travel!

It’s July!
It’s Summer!
It’s Vacation Time!

You’d think that we’d have had our share of travels for 2014 by now, right? With trips to Patagonia, Canada, Curaçao, Austria, Norway and Italy behind us, we are in no position to complain. And we won’t, because half way down this year has been (one of) the best travel years so far!

But it’s only half way gone!

Sure, we will have to slow down a bit and work to earn our money, but working doesn’t mean you can’t travel, right?

For this summer, we have quite a few plans coming up. This weekend, Anto is off to Süd-Tirol for a press trip on behalf of and she will explore the moutains. Next up, Martijn will leave for Iceland to guide a walking tour. In the meanwhile, Anto will keep on exploring our own country (as a matter of fact, she still has 9 national parks to go before October 1st) and meet up with fellow blogger Sofie in Belgium to explore nature together.

Enough travels? We don’t think so! We still have one week of vacation together, not sure yet where we are going but it will be close to home. Maybe Luxemburg as we’ve heard really good stories but who knows… we are open for suggestions! And of course a summer would not be complete without some mountaineering. Towards the end of the summer, Martijn will be off to The Alps with his climbing mates for some mountain explorations.

And if that is not enough yet, Anto will be off to Vienna at the end of August for the annual crazy lady meeting (which she previously hosted in Amsterdam in 2013 and Berlin in 2012).

The fall has some more exciting trips coming up but most of them are to be confirmed.

Blog-wise we have some new plans coming up. We won’t tell you everything yet, however we will tell you lots about mountains and climbing … some new series will appear here shortly and (if not traveling) we are increasing our posting frequency from 3 to 4 times a week.

It’s going to be a challenging yet very exciting summer. We hope yours will be as good as ours and maybe we will see each other, one day, some day, anywhere on the planet. If you happen to be around in The Netherlands this summer, give us a shout out and we’d be more than happy to show you around in the area we live in!



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Where are you traveling to this summer?


  • Sandra

    Ik vind het leuk om meer te lezen over bergen e.d. Ik ben echt een newbie op het gebied van bergen haha! Super knap dat jullie zoveel reizen met zo weinig vrije dagen. Mij lukt het helaas niet naast een fulltime baan en niet al te veel vrije dagen…

    • anto

      Wij moeten ook echt heel strak plannen en ondanks dat lukt het nog steeds niet om op alle aanbiedingen in te gaan die we krijgen. Maar gelukkig hebben we allebei een leuke baan dus dat scheelt…

  • Karlijn Travels

    Wat een geweldige reizen hebben jullie dit jaar al gemaakt, super! En hopelijk komt er nog veel meer. Ook respect voor het plan om vier keer per week te gaan bloggen. Ik kijk er al naar uit!

    • anto

      Thanks Karlijn! Er komt zeker nog meer aan, dit weekend de inmiddels rond gaande 25 reisfacts meme die ik volgens mij ook al bij jou had gezien 🙂

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