Something we’ve learned …

Martijn just screamed down from the bathroom to me: “Hey, it’s way past 10 pm already. Get your ass away from the laptop!” I promised him I’d quit writing by 10 pm as it’s another 3 hrs (in addition to maaaany hours last weekend) spent behind this thing tonight. Yesterday we did something wrong (I will not say who or what) and our whole mySQL database where we built we12travel version 3.0 in dissapeared. I could cry. No wait, I have cried. All the hard work over the past 3 months had gone. I’m not talking hours here, I’m talking days. After lots of e-talking to our host/server we were able to recover everything until November 5th. After that, all is gone. I’ve tried to fix all as well as I can but some pieces are still missing, such as our new upcoming project “how and wow”. And all you comments posted. And the likes / shares / stats.

The last 24 hours have been a big learning process. We should improve our way of backups and always write in Word. Not directly in WordPress. Lesson learned.

Good night!


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