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Riders on the Storm

I’m truly amazed how people do it. People as in other travel bloggers. Those who find the time to post two or three times a week. Or even daily. Don’t they have a job? Or social lives? Or studies? Or other hobbies? Or journeys to go on? OK, I will admit it, I am frustrated! I got back from Berlin late last night, got my agenda pretty much fully booked for this week, I’ve got a sore throat and a major headache. I still gotta do my Spanish homework (can someone suggest me a cool Spanish song to take with me to Wednesday’s class? Please no Shakira… or Julio Iglesias!) and tonight there’s another episode of Ultimate Survival Alaska that I want to see on National Geographic. I really should be in bed by then trying to fever our the virus in me. In other words: no time to write a blog. But then again, one of my mottos in life is that time is not something you have but something you make and so I’m right here behind my laptop instead of in my bed.

Enough complaining, time for some happier things. In this case, five travel-related things that have made me really happy over the past days:
A) Our cruise with Cruceros Australis from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia is booked!
B) I got to sit on a real airport runway last weekend, something to cross off my bucketlist.
C) My Serbian friend Jelena sent me a pack of brochures about her homecountry.
D) My Spanish course is going pretty well. Me gusta mucho!
E) There’s no E.

And as it’s a stormy day here (SO glad my plane went last night instead of this morning) and trees have fallen over, people are panicking and all tv shows are about nothing else than the storm, I will close with a picture of me during the worst wind I’ve ever experienced. It was taken back in 2009 while hiking in a place that’s famous for its strong winds. It’s one of the most amazing places in South America: Torres del Paine National Park in Chile! I look completely ridiculous here, but at least now I know that short hair doesn’t suit me.

Hasta la proxima semana! (or semana proxima? I still haven’t figured that out …)

PS: if this is your first visit to my blog, please hang in there and don’t run away. I never complain. Well, barely ever. Today was a once in a lifetime, or once a year. I’m quite friendly normally. Just not today…


  • Solveig

    oh, I hope you are better soon.. get yourself into the bed.. 😉 hm, a spanish song, I don’t know many, but what about “Entre dos tieras” by Heroes del Silencio, or is it too common?

    • anto

      I should change the name of the blog to we12sleep as M. is sick too (he’s getting better though) haha 😀 … thanks for the suggestion! I never heard of this song before!

  • Gudrun

    Really? “Entre dos tieras” is such a popular party song over here… On the on hand I like it, but on the other I’m pretty much tired of it 😉
    Get well soon! And, yes, the long hair suits you better but thanks for sharing that windy picture 🙂

  • kami

    I try to post three times per week and set myself into some kind of blogging routine but in summer, when there were so many amazing things going on around and the weather was great I failed big time at blogging. But I always try to make a plan with blogposts for the week and then I do my best to stick to them!

    • anto

      Thanks for the comment, I should probably make a plan too… when in bed at night I always come up with the most awesome ideas but then by the next morning I’ve already forgotten about them again… plus 3 blogs is two too many 🙂

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