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Photo habit: sitting-on-the-road

There are pictures you always take. Such as the boring normal pose, the pose where you stare into the distance, the jumping picture or the selfie. Over the past couple of years, Anto has become a master in sitting on roads. Sometimes not very smart but still a fun thing to do. So after Martijn’s “Iceland in Selfies” movie, I’m proudly presenting my best (and only) sitting-on-the-road pictures!

1. Denali Highway, Alaska (2009)
I think this was my first sitting-on-the-road picture, my colleague Karin took it when we drove a part of the Denali Highway in Alaska. It has been published in the brochure and website of the company we work for various times. Back then, I had no idea this was just one of the many left to come…


2. Yukon, Canada (2011)
The best place for empty roads is definitely the Canadian Yukon Terittory! Almost nobody on the road here so time enough to take a shot. We could’ve easily taken 100 shots but there were 10 people in our group so it would take forever to stop all the time. So two was enough (this one and the cover one).


3. Mount Aspiring, New Zealand (2011) 

During our New Zealand roadtrip there had to be at least one sitting-on-the-road-shot and this was going to be the place. However it was incredibly warm that day, so eventually the asphalt melted onto my pants. Resulting in the carseat becoming extremely filthy, just one day before we had to return in … oops!


4. Atacama desert, Chile (2012)

After the New Zealand incident with the asphalt, I chose wisely to always put something underneath my bum. In this case, a giant rock. There was noone else around so nobody saw that I wasn’t actally sitting on the road…


5. Monument Valley (2013)

This was a tricky one as I really wanted to get it, yet it was pretty busy with cars and trucks even. So when the situation seemed perfect, I sat down and Martijn took the shot. As we were in a real hurry, we put some stuff on the roof of our car. Not a smart thing do to, because upon entry into Monument Valley, the guy we paid the entrance fee to, told us there was still some stuff on the roof. Another oops… Oh, and don’t mind the shoes. Wearing Crocs in a picture is the best  proof that we really were in a hurry!


6. Lanin National Park, Argentina (2014)
We had been having crappy weather for a couple of days in a row and finally we got to see a volcano. So yes, a sitting-on-the-road-picture was to be made with a volcano in the background. Somethimes you just get one chance…


7. Los Carones National Park, Argentina (2014) 
Perfect road for it, right? Although it looks sunny, it was pretty cold. I was quite positive that morning to wear my flip flops but as it turned out, it was just 4 degrees celcius here and I was freezing though. The smile was still genuine though…

And as a bonus I just found this one. It was taken in Berlin last fall, at the former airport of Tempelhof, right in the middle of the city. It always thought it would be so cool to walk around on a runway and here we just could. You can read our whole blog about it here


Now that I’m looking at these, I realize I should take other sneakers than my Converses on a trip (OK, I’ll admit I have 6 pair of them) and take my sunglasses off more often. But hey, when the weather is shit, sitting on a wet road is not really the first thing that comes to mind, right?

What’s next? Ohh yes, the jumping picture! But not now, I’m not ready to share these yet … maybe another time!


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