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Photo essay: de Hoge Veluwe

Since I have my blog for outdoor related activities, I’m not going to write an endless story here about some true natural beauty we have in The Netherlands. De Hoge Veluwe National Park is right in our backyard and last weekend we did a 30 km dayhike there. We loved it and should go here more often. Just take a look and enjoy these pictures we took. If you are ever around, let us know and we’ll gladly take you there!

(in case you’re Dutch, go here for more about our trip)

deHogeVeluwe_10nov_2013 005 deHogeVeluwe_10nov_2013 037 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 086 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 097 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 099 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 103 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 105 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 108 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 114 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 116 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 123 deHogeVeluwe_10nov2013 127


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