Park Post: Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

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Guest post by Jonny of Don’t Stop Living

Tasmania, Australia’s “holiday isle” is bunged full of National Parks and I made my way through a few of them while stationed out there. One of the prettiest to look at is Freycinet National Park, it’s on the east coast of Tasmania and includes a few mini mountains, some forest with all your typical Tasmanian wildlife and some outstanding beaches.

The coolest beach at Freycinet National Park is situated in Wineglass Bay. Only the Aussies could name an immaculate dreamy paradise after an alcoholic beverage. The thing is, they’ve got it spot on – it really does look like a Wineglass.


In terms of getting there, Tasmania is quite remote and therefore having your own vehicle is best advised. No trains or regular local bus routes take in the Wineglass Bay route, which is reason enough to take your wandering soul out there!In terms of paying entrance fees for Tasmanian National Parks you can either get a one day ticket when you arrive or have a bulk ticket. A bulk ticket can cover your vehicle for as long as a year and gives you access to every National Park in Tasmania for the duration.

Once we got to Freycinet National Park, we climbed Mount Amos. It wasn’t just for hiking and keeping fit though. One of the reasons we climbed to the top of Mount Amos was for the spectacular views over the coastline and specifically over Wineglass Bay.


It can be a steep and tough climb to the top for some, but we found it easy enough. Some of the trail is rocks only, but there are trees all around at points too. Once at the top, it’s a perfect spot to relax for a while and enjoy the views. We brought a picnic lunch and even some wine to drink at the top. We did this so we could say we had a glass of wine overlooking Wineglass Bay. The views are tremendous. We went in Autumn time.


After climbing up Mount Amos we did the lower hike which takes you to the actual beach where Wineglass Bay is. I wanted to go in for a swim here and it was a perfect place to do it. There were a few wallabies on route too.

We also visited Oyster Bay – another cool beach inside the National Park, and on route we stopped off at Lake Leake. I totally recommend Wineglass Bay to anyone travelling to Tasmania.Another overview of my trip can be found here.

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