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On the bucket list: outdoor adventure on Hawaii

Outdoor adventure on Hawaii: things I can’t wait to do!

As I just finished my stay at tropical Gili Air in Indonesia, I can’t help but think that despite the fact I enjoy the great outdoors, I love being on a beach, too. And as I sit down while sipping from my iced tea I browse the internet, looking for a few places to stay in … Hawaii! Hawaii has always been a dream destination of mine, especially since I know tropical places and outdoor adventure do go well together. While surfing the net, I stumble upon some great places to stay such as the the luxury villas of Big Island Home Rentals and already picture myself there. Sipping on a chilled glass of wine, seeing the sunset and getting ready for my next adventure …
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As I mentioned, Hawaii has always been on my bucket list. Being from Europe, it’s one of those places that feels like being at the end of the world for me. I never really gave it any serious thought for traveling though, however I became more and more interested after becoming a travel blogger and reading other people’s blogs about this destination. Over the past months I’ve been reading a lot about Hawaii and ever since one of my favorite travel blogs Y Travel Blog has spent some time there, I investigated a bit more. Then I found out there are actually quite a few amazing outdoor activities in Hawaii for me to do, so a visit can easily be combined with relaxing and digital nomading. If I ever get the chance to go, these would be my outdoor adventures and places to visit:

The Big Island

After looking into the different islands of Hawaii, I realized that there’s plenty to see for me on The Big Island, even though the name sounds not very exotic and maybe a bit cheesy. Most of all I’d like to see the Volcanoes National Park. Having a ‘thing’ for volcanoes, I’m pretty sure I could easily spend a whole day here, walking around and seeing the various formations. I just can’t seem to get enough of volcanoes, they interest me a lot. I’ve also been told that another awesome thing to do is watch the stars at Mauna Kea. I’m not so much into star gazing because, in all honesty, I’m more of a morning person, but if I were to be around, I’d definitely like to give this a try.


Somewhere in the top regions of my bucket list is definitely a visit to Haleakala National Park. Not just to see the sunrise, but also to do some awesome hikes and maybe even attempt an overnight hike or a stay in one of the backcountry cabins. Having been to many other US National Parks before, I can’t wait to add this to my list of visited parks and get my National Park passport stamped here. Seeing the pictures of possible hikes here actually reminds me of the volcanic island of La Palma in Spain a little bit, where there were plenty of red and black sand craters, too. And of course I’d spend a day or two at Maui’s beaches, just because I think you cannot go to Hawaii without having been to any of their amazing beaches.
outdoor adventure on hawaii


This island I would save for the last because I heard from various people it’s definitely the best to visit. After reading a post by my friends Toccara and Sam at Forget Someday about their helicopter tour, I knew I have to go there one day. Looking at their photos, I realized this would be my main reason to visit Hawaii, the green dramatic landscapes that are so entirely different than anywhere else in the world. However, another reason for me to visit Kauai would be to hike the Kalalau Trail. As an avid hiker, this multi-day hike has been on my bucket list for many years now. I recently read an awesome trip report on this hike and now I can’t wait to go anymore. The landscape seems so incredibly different than any other I have seen on this planet yet, I’m sure that as a lover of nature and dramatic landscapes, I’d definitely enjoy myself here.
These would be my things to do on Hawaii. Unfortunately, Hawaii will have to wait a bit longer. This winter is already booked with amazing trips to Nepal and New Zealand (after coming home from Indonesia that is) but once I get home I’ll start looking forward to next summer, when I have my mind set on heading back to the US. It’s interesting really that I’ve been to Alaska so many times (which is the other state not adjacent to any of the other states) but Hawaii just seems a bit off. Maybe it’s because I’m having a hard time believing I can actually go there, because basically it’s just a matter of booking a plane ticket and going.
For now I’ll keep on dreaming and enjoying my current trip at first. Next week I’m actually going to climb another volcano (Mt. Rinjani) so all in all, Hawaii is maybe not that much different than Indonesia, other than that it’s on the other side of the world, of course.
Has anyone here been to Hawaii? Any other outdoor adventures I shouldn’t miss when planning my Hawaii trip?
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  • Britte

    Hawaii has always been somewhat of a dream destination for me! Especially when I was younger. Now I’m primarily focussed on the negatives: lot’s of people who just want to sit on the beach and chill… That’s not me! But your article is making me reconsider! It looks gorgous

    • anto

      Thanks Britte. I thought like that at first too, but after digging into it a bit more, I totally see why Hawaii would be an amazing place to see 🙂

  • Danik

    I am actually hitting up for Hawaii for two weeks in the summer next year and can’t wait to get out there. But I havent seen this sort of landscape and I might try and cram something like this in. 🙂 Loving the post

  • Megan Jerrard

    We got married on Maui, though only spent a few days. But the taste of Hawaii was enough to know we need to go back! I want to visit Volcanoes National Park too – while you’re in Maui I can also recommend the road to Hana – that was one of the adventures we did include during our time and man it was a thrilling drive!!

  • Renata

    I’ve been to Hawaii, but I just did the average beach – pineapple farm – different beach-trip to Oahu. I’ve never been such a big fan, but seeing these pictures and reading what to explore there certainly changes my perspective. After your post I find particularly Maui and Kauai alluring. Maybe I should put Hawaii back on my bucket list after all?!

  • Anita Hendrieka

    Hawaii looks like it would tick all the boxes as a holiday destination for me. As a lover of the outdoors, Hawaii’s nature looks simply incredible and out of this world! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Alli

    I don’t think you can go wrong with any island of Hawaii! They all sound so amazing with absolutely gorgeous scenery and amazing experiences. I was hoping to visit here for our honeymoon. Just imagine all the photo opportunities!

  • Nancy

    Hawaii is a long-time favourite destination and one that I visit as much as possible. I have been to all of the islands except Molokai and haven’t encountered one that I don’t love. The volcanoes are an excellent choice and there are lots of hiking opportunities – some trails leave right from the beach e.g. Kapalua Resort trails on Maui. And there is the Pacific Ocean where you can surf, snorkel, and SUP. On Lanai you go off-road on an ATV or take a 4×4 to a secluded beach – it’s paradise!

    • anto

      Wow, I envy you! It’s awesome you go there so often. Thanks for all the suggestions, I’d love to SUP there because I’ve only done that in cooler climates so far. I can’t wait to go one day …

  • Tami

    I have been to Hawaii but only to Oahu. Even so, it is absolutely gorgeous, and we especially loved snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. I’m sure you will make amazing memories of Hawaii — no matter where you go there or what you do!

  • Suruchi

    After reading so much and seeing pictures of Hawaii; it is already on our bucket list and is a dream destination. The Volcano National park interested me the most. All Islands here look equally worthy so you can’t go wrong anywhere. Keep travelling and sharing.

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