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Our year in selfies!

This idea developed in my head last weekend but when I woke up this morning, hearing “selfie” has been voted the word of the year 2013 in The Netherlands, I knew made the right decision. No matter how ridiculous we (sometimes?) look or how poor quality the shot is, here’s our 2013 in selfies!

These are our ugliest selfies, taken with our iPhones. Here we are skiing in Winterberg, hiking in Utrecht, camping in the snow in Drenthe (yikes, cold!) and waiting for sunset at Mesa Arch in Arches NP, Utah.


We also liked playing with shadow selfies this year, mostly when … uhm … well you get it! These were taken in Canyonlands NP in Utah, Yellowstone NP in Wyoming, the Veluwezoom NP and somewhere along the way I don’t remember.


Martijn is the King of Selfies. He can take decent shots while doing anything, from skiing to mountainbiking and kayaking to hiking. He usually carries our small pocket camera, while I usually have our big camera that’s too large for selfies. These were taken on the Slickrock Trail in Moab, in the Virgin River in Zion NP, while hiking in Yellowstone (yes, that’s me in the background!), on the Kellerwaldsteig in Germany and while climbing summits in the Alps in Austria.


And finally here are some more selfies of the two of us, taken at Reichstag in Berlin, at Maroon Bells in Aspen, at Independance Pass in Colorado (altitude 3.687 m.) and on a canalboat in Amsterdam.

May 2014 become another great year for traveling and selfies!!!


Anto is a 30-something outdoor fan who travels the world about 100 days a year, combined with a full-time office job. She loves to go hiking, enjoys a good class of wine and can usually be found with an iPhone in her hand. Favorite destinations: New Zealand, Patagonia, Austria and Alaska.


  • Solveig

    what a nice idea.. 😀 Love the picture of you both in Colorado.. I’d be too afraid to take my camera while skiiing.. 😉

    • anto

      Thanks! Well our small camera is now broken. We lost our first one in a river when canoeing (and tipping over) and now our second one has too many scratches to use it. However using it non-stop while doing outdoor things has paid off with these pics, eventually 🙂

    • anto

      Thanks Gudrun! I hope our travels will lead us back to Germany some day. Hope you will have a great 2014 and ofcourse to see you in Vienna!

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