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While I was in Alaska, I received a nomination from Ivonne at My Footprints for the travel tag “your 5 favorite accommodations” and up to now, I was unable to fill it out … too busy, sorry Ivonne! I kind of forgot about it, despite some kind reminders, but it was just something I kept on thinking “will do that later!” However, we received a second nomination from Chris at Christravelblog last week and so I decided that it was about time to finally sit down and remember our 5 favorite accommodations we stayed at.


Note: The tag was started by Daphne from Food & Flip Flops. Although I’ve stayed in the most amazing hotels all over the world for work, I decided to only use those that I stayed at during my vacations. Reason for that is those were actually picked by us … we’re campers and hikers after all, not luxury tigers. 


Mackenzie Hut – New Zealand

Out of all the mountains huts we stayed at in New Zealand (and they are a lot!) I have to say that Mackenzie Hut is definitely our favorite. This hut is the second one on the famous Routeburn Track down in the Southern Alps, at least if you walk it from the Routeburn Shelter to The Divide, which the most common way to walk it. Not only was this hut on a top location but the hut warden was one of the most amazing persons I ever met. His hut talk was nothing compared to those the other ones did and I nearly pissed my zip-off pants when I heard him talk – such a great sense of humor. You can read all about our Routeburn Trek here or visit the DOC website for more information about Mackenzie Hut.


Look at that …

Grand Teton Climbers Ranch, USA

If you are looking for a great and afforable place to stay in Grand Teton National Park and don’t mind sharing your room, then the Grand Teton Climbers Ranch by the American Alpine Club is a good pick for you! They are located in the middle of the park and pretty remote, with a gorgeous view on all of the Tetons. Accommodation is simple yet sufficient for those that don’t require much more than a bed, you will share a cosy cabin with 4-8 other people.  All the chats with the climbers and fellow adventurers at night by the campfire are truly memorable, Each year, Grand Teton Climbers Ranch has the option to stay for free, they organise “Work Week”, which means you help them out for a week at the beginning of season and you get to stay for free in June. We’ll definitely do that one day since 36 hours in Grand Teton was not nearly enough for us to see it all…


Berliner Hütte, Austria

Our trek on the Berliner Höhenweg was one of the most stunning yet most strenuous ever. Although I’m used to trekking and was in perfect shape the week of our trek, it was too warm for my taste, way too warm in fact. We basically walked for hours in unrelenting heat (30+ degrees) and in the full sun pretty much all day, which I couldn’t handle well. After spending 4 nights in crowded dorms, the Beliner Hütte was a welcome change for us as we were appointed a private room. The hut was opened in 1879 and it still looks like it did back in the old days. It even smells old… Somehow it reminded me a bit of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, however I don’t think this was haunted. Since the views on the surrounding mountains and glaciers were like nowhere else, I could’ve easily stayed here all week.

berliner-hutte-berliner-hohenweg berliner-hutte-view

Refugio Cochamó, Chile

Out of all the huts I stayed in while I was in Chile, my favorite was definitely Refugio Cochamó. This hut is located in the Cochamó Valley which is only accessible by foot or by horse, but obviously we chose to hike since nothing is ever going to get me on a horse, even if I were paid a small fortune. The hike up was somewhat muddy yet we expected a lot of the surroundings, which is also know as the Yosemite of Chile. Unfortunately, on our free day there, it was pouring with rain. All day long, for 24 hours. The rain had caused rivers to rise, led to mudslides and we were told it would be better to stay inside. Which is what we did … I have to say that the people working there are awesome and did their very best to entertain us all. If I’m ever going to this part of Chile again, I’ll be glad to give this place another try. For our full story about Cochamó, go here!

refugio-cochamo-2 cochamo-cover-refugio

Glen Affric Youth Hostel, Scotland

Who would expect an Alpine Hut in Scotland? Well, Glen Affric Youth Hostel is about as close as you’ll get to that in the Scottish highlands. You can only get there by mountainbike or on foot, which will take you at least 3-4 hours, yet we took the long way and hiked up to 6 hours. The hostel/hut is located in a wide river valley in Glen Affric and surrounded by mountains and marches. On the way back to the car, I accidentally stepped into one of the bogs and ended up waist-deep in the mud. Truly very memorable…

glen-affric-hostel glen-affric

Now it would be my turn to nominate people but I have no clue who has or hasn’t done this yet. There for I won’t nominate anyone but if you feel like tagging along, please do and let me know once your post is online so I can check it out!

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