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Olympic times! The games are on…

Unless you don’t have a TV or internet you can’t have missed it, the winter Olympics in Sochi have finally started! A lot has been said and done about these games and we don’t really want to spend time on the ongoing debates about gay/anti gay and such. However, we do love this video, check it out if you have the chance.

But we’re not posting just because we want to show you this video. We wanted to express our passion for the games. I’m sure that within The Netherlands, many people are stuck in front of their TV when the Dutch ladies and gentlemen are speed skating. Because they are the best! It was proven today when they got gold, silver and bronze at the 5 km and I’m sure that there will be many more medals to come for our little country. Well done guys! We’re really proud of you!

Some cities make it a special thing, having been a part of the Olympics. In some cities you don’t even notice (such as Berlin, Helsinki, Calgary, London) or maybe it was because we didn’t pay attention. So we thought it would be fun to share our favorite Olympic cities with you. Some may come a surprise, some may not…

Sydney, Australia
What can I say, we just love Sydney! We were lucky to spend a couple of weeks there during our backpacking trip in 2002 (oh yes, doesn’t that sound like forever ago?) and it were very successful Olympic games for us, ending at the 8th position at the medal table. I remember I loved the swimming as we were really good and every woman within The Netherlands had a crush on Pieter van den Hoogenband. So when we were in Sydney, we decided to visit the Olympic Park and the grounds surrounding it. A very fun experience for a chilly and cloudy afternoon. Even though it’s been years already since our visit, I am sure we will always love Sydney. It might not be next year or the year after, but one day we’re going to come back there for sure!

DSCF0163 pvdh sydneystadium

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver was another successful Olympics for us, although everyone in The Netherlands will look back at this with pain in their hearts when speed skater Sven Kramer lost his gold medal at the 10 km race because of an error during changing lanes. We were almost crying, probably half of our country was. We’ve never been to Vancouver in the winter, just in the summer, but it’s a great city. We were here together in 2004 and Anto went back in 2012. The location is just stunning and the vibe is like no other place in this world. If we would have to move abroad, Vancouver would definitely be a good option.

stanleypark vancouver

Salt Lake City, USA
Now I can see you frown your eyes and think:  “Salt Lake City, isn’t that Mormon city?” Yes it is, but really, who cares? When we were in the US quite some people would tell us that (the Mormon city thing) when we told them where we were going. Like it’s a crazy town where everybody wants you to turn to their beliefs and kill you if you don’t. I mean, come on … We actually found Salt Lake City a pleasure to hang out. Great shopping, great people (and no, they are not all Mormons) and nice architecture. We were just a bit disappointed we couldn’t access the Salt Lake Temple because we were really interested in seeing it from the inside. We only stayed for a day as we had to travel on to Yellowstone but I’m sure the mountains around it are worth exploring as well. And Mormons rock, btw!

saltlakecityarena gr_cam_usa_2013_lv2saltlake 220

Oh yes, there are many more Olympic cities we’ve visited. Such as Helsinki, Munich, London, Calgary, Montreal, Chamonix … And we’ll continue to do so, hopefully Los Angeles and Turin later this year. And maybe Sochi as well, as I’ve seen stunning pictures from the Caucasus Mountains. Martijn still wants to climb Mount Elbrus (the highest mountain in Europe) one day, so who knows… For now, enjoy the games and lets win some more medals!

Oh and ps: what is your favorite Olympic city?



  • Serena

    Yeah, Dutch speed skating team rocks, I remember they also won in Turin (and I used to work near the ice palace back then).
    I love that video too – a great answer!

  • kami

    I love Olympics! I kind of regret I’m not in Sochi after all but on the bright side – at least I can watch all the competitions 🙂 And you definitely should go to Caucasus, it’s stunning there! a hikers paradise!

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